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Finish off Your Products the Right Way with Fantastic Finishes

Want to make your printed product go from good to great? Then consider one of our many finishes. As part of our printing services, we offer a wide range of finishing options on everything from business cards to envelopes and booklets

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A finish is simply print lingo for the texture or surface characteristic of a piece of paper. A printed product where no special finish is added is known as a matte finish, meaning that the paper is dull and flat or without shine. Other typical finishes include lamination, spot uv varnishes, foiling or embossing. The definition of each is as follows:

Choosing the Right Type of Finish For Your Printed Products

1. Lamination: refers to the technique of adding an extra layer of material (usually plastic) on to the printed product so that it stays protected and becomes studier

2. Spot UV Varnish: gives the printed product a glossy shine to highlight one particular area, instead of applying sheen to the whole printed product

3. Foiling: the of process of stamping printed products with a metallic material

4. Embossing: refers to a raised image, design, or portion of paper

The advantage of finishes is that it allows you to customize your printed product so that it stands out. In Scottsdale, print companies both big and small use finishes of all kinds, but none will walk you through the different options to help you decide which finish is best for your printed product. That kind of dedication and customer experience only happens at Printing Solutions.

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