Leverage Postcards

Leverage Postcards To Build Business Relationships

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Most businesses have become accustomed to digital marketing campaigns designed to promote a new service, ask for new business or even maintain a strong relationship. Emails, social media campaigns and updated websites are generally expected these days from the businesses you work with. Try shaking things up by incorporating a strategically designed postcard to use in a direct mail campaign. Read More

Web Designer

Find a Quality Web Designer to Create a Phenomenal Website

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Based on how much time we all spend on the Internet these days, we’ve all developed a sense of what a good website looks like. However small it may be, there is a website critic in all of us that, whether we want to or not, almost instantly judges a business by their website. Some business owners are even willing to admit that their own site needs help in one way or another. Read More

Percentage That Should Be Allocated for a Marketing Budget

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There is always the question about how much to spend for marketing in a business. While the payoff for strong marketing is great, there’s always a risk involved. Bad decisions on how much money to spend on marketing have sunk many businesses in the past. Either they spend too much from which they cannot recover or they spend too little and have to close their doors because of lack of business. Read More

Unique Branded Merchandise

Unique Branded Merchandise/Swag for Your Employees

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Most employees would agree that it’s fun to get company branded swag every now and then. In the past, items such as coffee mugs, tee shirts, and even pens and pencils with the logo on it serve as the perfect prizes at meetings or gatherings. They can also serve to promote company solidarity and team spirit. If used correctly be employers, company swag can be fun. Read More

Brand Inconsistency

4 Ways You May be Creating Inconsistency With Your Brand

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When you spend thousands of dollars to develop and strengthen a brand that you believe in, the last thing you want to do is dilute the power of that branding with inconsistencies. Yet as time goes on, we continue to see businesses make this mistake. They are engaged, often unintentionally, in detracting from their brand by failing to stay consistent. Read More