use print to brand your office

How to Use Print to Brand Your Office Space

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Here at Printing Solutions, we print a lot more than business cards and direct mail. From wall clings to custom canvas prints, our products have found their way to the offices of our various clients as permanent decor. That’s right, print is a great way to brand everything … even your office space! Here’s how to use it.   Read More

Graphic Designer

In the Shoes of a Graphic Designer

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At Printing Solutions, our clients come to us because we’re very good at what we do. We posses a skill and craft that requires many years of practice and training, especially for a designer like Justin Ketchum and Chris Danner. These two men work tirelessly to produce some amazing work for our clients, and we couldn’t be happier to have them on our team. Read More

Promote Upcoming Event

How Should I Promote My Upcoming Event?

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It’s always a treat when we get to help clients plan and promote upcoming event. Here at Printing Solutions we love being able to help people visualize a beautiful table or booth that brings great engagement and continued profit. We always want to make sure we are giving our clients the type of exposure they are looking for at an event. Read More

Project Manager

4 Secrets Of A Successful Project Manager

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At Printing Solutions, we work on projects a day to produce high-quality print pieces for our clients. With hundreds of successful projects under our belts, we’ve figured out what it takes for a job to run smoothly and turn out exactly as our client pictured it. A great project manager.

Whether you’re thinking of hiring a project manager for your business or you’re new to the role yourself, we have some tips to help you on your way to success. Read More

Best Possible Tean

There Is No I In TEAM: How To Be The Best Possible Team

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As a society, we love to revere the loners. History books are full of stories about lone inventors who make miracles happen, of generals who win battles, or artists who change the world with their visions. But here’s the thing about these stories: They’re wrong. Nothing great is done solo. Every great advancement comes from team-work. Even if one person gets all the credit in the history books, the truth is they had a well-oiled team working with them to make their dreams come true. If you want to make your business dreams come true, you can’t do it alone: You need the best possible team on your side! Read More

Purpose Of A Business Card

What Is The Purpose Of A Business Card?

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It seems like you can’t go anywhere without stumbling onto someone’s business card. They’re one of the most common forms of print marketing in the world. Any business worth their salt has one. Some people use that as a reason NOT to get a business card. “Everybody else is doing it, so why should I?” In most cases, it’s wise to not do what everyone else is doing and forge your own path. But sometimes the smart play is to stick with tradition: Business cards have been around for a long, long time, and there’s a reason why everybody still uses them: Because they work!

At Printing Solutions we’ve seen how a great card can take our customer’s businesses to the next level. If you’re wondering why you should invest in printing a quality business card, let us give you a few reasons why you should never be without one. Read More

Best Team Building Activities

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Team Building Activities

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“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” A strong company needs a strong team that knows how to work with and push each other to greatness. There are no weak links if every link in your chain is strong enough to support each other. A great way to bring your team together and keep them energized and focused is to get them to stop working for a few minutes and engage them with a team building activity.

At Printing Solutions, we know the value of having a tight-knit team. We keep things fun and focused at work. Sometimes the best way to keep your team’s head in the game is to get them to go out and play for a bit! Here are five team building activities that you must try.

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Branding Lessons

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Big Companies About Branding

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“Branding is king.” It’s become a popular saying over the years, because it tells the truth. In the competitive world of business, if you want to rule your industry’s “kingdom”, then you need to have a powerful brand. A strong brand is the gold crown on your head AND the throne you’re sitting on.  

The kings and queens who ruled best throughout history were the ones who paid attention to their predecessors. They avoided their mistakes and double-downed on their successes. Branding is no different. If you want your brand to rule the land, you need to pay attention to what big companies are doing to make their brands reign supreme. Here are five principles to follow that will give your brand the royal treatment.

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