2 Printing Success Stories That Are Sure To Inspire

Printing Success Stories

We wouldn’t be the company that we are today without our customers. Printing Solutions is dedicated to making all our customers design and printing dreams come true, and we’re grateful to all the people who’ve stepped through our doors and entrusted us to make their dreams a reality. Nothing’s as satisfying as seeing our customers […]

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How Can a Branding Package Help My Business?

Branding Package

In today’s competitive economy, nothing hurts a business more than weakness or lack of clarity in their brand. But most business owners struggle to really nail down a clear brand identity, instead leaving their business cards, brochures, and social media channels with an inconsistent look. If this sounds familiar, a branding package from Printing Solutions […]

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How to Create the Ideal Company Culture

Company Culture

Company culture is rapidly becoming a focus for many executives. Most working adults spend the majority of their week at work, and workplace culture can make or break the experience. But what goes into creating a company culture that encourages quality work and healthy employee relationships? We sat down with Director of Marketing Kristyn Lechwar […]

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What’s Trending in the Print World?

Print World

Just like the fashion industry, the print world sees trends come and go. What was popular a few years ago isn’t in style now, and today’s businesses must adjust their print materials accordingly. Over the past months we’ve observed a few changes in styles among our own clients and colleagues, and we’ve compiled them for […]

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Why Graphic Design is Vital for Your Business

Why Graphic Design

Why Is Good Graphic Design Important? Having a strong graphic design for your ad or logo can either make or break your business. But if you are trying to just throw something together quick and cheap, you are going to end up wasting not only your time, but also your valuable marketing dollars. Poor design […]

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3 Strategies to Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

If you know the first thing about running a business, you know that you don’t have one if you don’t have clients and customers. Bringing in new customers comes fairly easy if you have a good sales team, but when it comes to keeping the ones you already have, that’s when it starts to get […]

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3 Reasons You Need Print in Your Life

Reasons You Need Print

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been told time and again that print is dying. Professionals across countless industries have told you to ditch paper entirely because digital is the way to go. Everywhere you look, another company is moving to an online only platform. Don’t get us wrong, we love digital (you’re reading […]

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Stickers: Not Just for Kids!

stickers not just for kids

When you think of stickers you probably picture the pack of small, glittery adhesives that came in specialty coloring books when you were a kid. But unless your business sells coloring books, those cartoonish stickers really aren’t going to benefit your marketing strategy. Fortunately, there’s a lot more to stickers than the arts and crafts […]

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3 Major Things to Look for When Hiring a New Employee

Hiring a New Employee

Finding a new employee shouldn’t be too difficult. But in the midst of one of the most competitive and diverse job markets in human history, how can you figure out if the person you interview is going to be someone who becomes an integral part of your company’s culture for years to come, or if […]

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