Our business is built on great people.

We believe in communicating passion and making an emotional connection. Our clients trust us to help spread the word about their businesses, and treat us like an extension of their own brand. So, we rely on amazing people to help us build strong connections and produce quality experiences.

Are you a good fit? Check out the listings below, and email with your resume and tell us why you should join our growing team.

Available Positions:

Design Intern/Production Artist

Printing Solutions is somewhere between a printer and a creative agency; some people refer to us as a marketing agency that just so happens to print. We value relationships and love to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the little things; after all, one of our core values is “Invite Fun & Adventure”! Our main focus is to make sure we are sending out the best creative work that we can. With that, much of the responsibilities will depend on your skill set and comfort level.
The Position
While working directly under the Creative Director, the Design Intern/Production Artist position will give you experience in print design, print production, and client relations. Duties would include:
Primary Tasks
  • make changes to existing files
  • design for any one of our wide range of products (typically, a single design project will range from 30 minutes to 2 hours).
  • proof designs/layouts to clients for approval
  • develop logo & branding concepts, as well as participate in brand workshops
  • set up files for print
  • partake in daily internal meetings
Secondary Tasks
  • partake in client meetings/presentations
  • take photos of printed products
  • digital design (no coding experience needed)
  • internal branding/development
What To Expect
Hours: Minimum of 20 hours per week. Could be more depending on our current tasks as well as your availability.
Compensation: Paid (rate dependent on experience)
Our main goal is for you to experience the fun, the challenges, and responsibilities that come with being a graphic designer. Much of the daily tasks will depend on what projects we have in the pipeline so you must be ok with days of simply doing text changes, proofing, and setting up files for print. On the flip side, you could spend an entire day working on a single project. You will get to see and hang on to the work that you create, so you will certainly have items to show in your portfolio. You will also grasp/gain a better understanding of print, and how the industry works!

Available Positions:

Unfortunately, there are no positions available at this time.

Our printing machines are currently running as smooth as a glass business card with a gloss finish. Though we currently do not have any open positions, we are always looking for quality people to join our Team, so send your resume and we can chat. Thank you for your interest in Printing Solutions, we look forward to hearing from you!