Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services

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Every Door Direct Mail

While EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail as it’s called, has been around for years, the United States Post Office has put some marketing dollars into it and business owners are responding in droves.

Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM uses mail carrier routes to saturate a certain zip code or area with very specific sized postcards. This type of mailing can be great if you already have clients in a certain area and want to garner more attention with Bob’s neighbor and his neighbor and so on.

EDDM is a great way for service based companies to get out there and make certain a specific area knows they are in business and ready to assist with their needs.

Who we mail to:

•  Restaurants
•  Auto repair service
•  Lawn/tree maintenance
•  Doctors/Dentists
•  Gyms
•  Pool repair/maintenance
•  Real estate companies

The process is pretty simple: You go to the EDDM website (, decide which routes are best going to suit you, then we handle the rest.

To explain, Printing Solutions will print your postcards, process your routes, bundle the cards in specific quantities, bag them and deliver to the post office so you don’t have to!

This will save you the time/money/hassle with standing in line, waiting to make sure your order was put together correctly (yes, they can reject your mailing if it’s not processed properly) and getting you in contact with more customers faster.

The EDDM service is a no hassle way for you to target a new audience while maintaining a low overall cost for reaching them. Call today so we can help you!

I have an awesome marketing piece, now how do I get it to the public?

If you have a market base and need to reach out to current clients, give us your mailing list and we can handle the rest. We will inkjet, sort, tray and deliver your marketing piece to the Post Office, giving you more time to sit back and prepare for those phone calls.

Or if you’ve got a great marketing piece, but no one to send out to, let us know! With some simple questions, we can assist in putting together a mailing list with the exact demographics, i.e. gender, income, neighborhood, age group, to make your direct mail marketing piece the most effective it can be.

Direct Mail Checklist

Let us assist you with putting together a strong mailing campaign, where you are sending out pieces once a month for several months, to ensure your name and brand will be consistent with the exact market you are targeting.

Postage for as low as 15.7 cents!

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