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Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a way for businesses to mail to every home or address in a specific area or zip code at a discounted postage rate. The mail piece has to follow specific EDDM USPS formatting guidelines, however when executed properly EDDM can enable small businesses to send targeted, affordable offline advertising materials, hence increasing public awareness and establishing a stronger local brand name while saving money.

In an effort to make sending out direct mail easier for everyone, the USPS has laid out instructions to help pull the mailing list, prep the mailing and deliver it to the post office in a way that small business owners can understand. Unlike other marketing strategies, where the purchase of expensive mailing lists is often required, EDDM allows businesses to specifically target selected postal codes without having to use individual mailing addresses and generally for a much lower postage cost! This provides a great opportunity for a wide range of companies. Even though you can do it yourself, EDDM can still be a time consuming process and there are printers in Scottsdale Arizona, such as Printing Solutions that can do all of the leg work for you.

Take a look at 8 types of businesses that should use EDDM:

Restaurants (Pizzerias, Ice Cream Stores, Franchises)
Restaurants and pizzerias often face the dilemma of competition from at least 5 others, no matter where they are located. By sending out EDDM postcards to the local neighborhood, with visually appealing images and incentives (coupons) attached, restaurant owners can provide a “shout out” to get public exposure and remind local audiences of their existence.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs
More often than not, there will be at least 2 gyms in the range of any neighborhood. How do their owners attract new customers? EDDM mailing allows businesses to send out offers of a “first-time workout for free”, custom-designed invitations to some special events, dance classes, and much more.

Real Estate
When it comes time to sell your home, how do you know who you can trust and what agents are having the most success? Again, EDDM is a great answer because it can spread the message of successful sales and keep residents informed of what’s happening close to home. This self promotion can pay huge dividends because it lets both buyers and sellers know who the “go to company” for real estate is in a specific neighborhood and establishes the important trust factor for this important transaction.

Beauty and Spa (Hair Salons, Massage Studios)
Similar to restaurants, businesses in the beauty and spa sector often face severe competition and, as a result, struggle to attract enough customers. EDDM can help them build interest and expose themselves. Sending branded custom brochures with some kind of discount will definitely help stir local curiosity about their services.

Home Improvement (Carpet Cleaning, Home Cleaning)
People oftentimes tend to ignore home improvement companies until there is a specific need for them. Therefore, EDDM works well because a simple postcard detailing home improvement business services can have miraculous results. Not only does it remind people about needs they’ve ignored for too long; it also has the potential to stir people into action and consider something they had not previously considered.

Medical Doctors/Dentistry/Chiropractic
Nobody likes to admit it, but doctors and dentists are business owners as well and the reality is that they face some stiff competition for patients. To build that necessary initial loyal customer base, it is necessary to promote their services/clinics. Additionally, people often need to be reminded about, or introduced to, certain services before actually deciding to obtain them. For example, a targeted EDDM campaign could allow dentists to send brochures or postcards with discounts that might influence the choices of people in the local neighborhood such as FREE Whitening or FREE Sonicare. Also, offering flexible financing or insurance options is another great way to get responses as well. Another example that could help increase existing patients’ loyalty, might be a medical doctor sending a New Year’s calendar with important medical reminders.

Automotive (Tire Shops, Oil Change, Auto Repair)
EDDM also works great for any kind of businesses in the automotive sector. There are a lot of smart strategies that can be achieved: from sending out direct mail with catalogs of services to simple postcards reminding people that it’s time to change their tires. No matter the strategy, EDDM remains the cheapest way to advertise even not so “shiny” businesses like those in the automotive industry.

Tax (Seasonal)
Seasonal businesses, such as those providing tax services, often have a very short period of time to target potential customers. In those cases, it’s essential that they optimize their communication efforts and attract as many people as possible. A full color EDDM postcard designed with a great Call to Action can help these business owners reach out to a large number of potential customers, in a tangible way, with the greatest time efficiency.

There are numerous benefits of an EDDM campaign for your own business and Printing Solutions can help you achieve them. We offer direct mail marketing services for postcards, brochures and other direct mail products. In addition, we offer high quality design services and can create the marketing piece that will help you spread your message with confidence!

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