Happy Holidays and Thank You to Our Friends

Another year is drawing to a close and Printing Solutions would like to wish everyone “Happy Holidays” and continued success in 2014. We would also like to extend a special thanks to all of our friends for continuing to choose Printing Solutions for their print and design needs. Thanks to your continued loyalty, we have increased our portfolio and diversity of products. You have challenged us and helped us communicate our passion each and every day. Without you, we would not be where we are today, and we truly appreciate your business.

For Printing Solutions, 2013 was a time of growth and change. We welcomed new challenges and made a few mistakes along the way. However with each miscue, we learned something new and honed our craft to make our daily projects more efficient. We made each and every client feel special and moved our business to places it had never been before – literally.


In March, Printing Solutions moved its headquarters from a quaint little rented office domain with limited growth potential into a new spacious open warehouse with endless possibilities. The large space provides us with a blank canvas and an exciting chance to develop, display and showcase our company culture and creativity for the world to see. Instead of staring at low ceilings and white walls all day long, our employees now have the ability to step away from their desk for a change of scenery, relax on the bean bag chair or shoot a few hoops. This helps to clear the mind and foster the creative process so that we are better equipped to help our clients with their needs every day.


In addition to a new physical address, Printing Solutions also found a new home on the Internet. A brand new printingsolutionsaz.com debuted in June with an exciting, colorful and inviting look that drew rave reviews in a short time frame. We feel that this site along with an aggressive marketing strategy will help us regain our position atop the Google rankings very soon.

With our new home and Internet presence, also comes increased expectations and commitment to excellence. Each employee at Printing Solutions is focused on rising to the occasion and bringing our best game to the court every day. We want to succeed and through hard work we expect to make it happen.


So what does this mean to you – our clients and our friends? Well, for starters it means that Printing Solutions remains dedicated to being your full service print and design provider. It also means that we expect more from you as well. We expect that while we continue to provide you with top notch, quality print marketing materials and help you represent yourself with pride and passion, that you will pass along the good word to all of your friends so that we can continue to grow our business.

So let us remember during this holiday season and with a new year on the horizon, that being partners in business is a luxury and a joy. It allows us the opportunity to give, to help others and to feel good about it. And after all, isnt that the true meaning of Christmas? As our website says – “Success is ultimately determined by dollars and cents; however on a different level success is also determined by feeling right about doing what you do every day. By conquering the challenges that each day brings and emerging with pride and a positive feeling, then by some measure you have achieved success.” We feel that we have achieved success and are glad you have been there with us.


Good luck, Happy Holidays and we look forward to continuing to serve your printing needs in 2014.

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Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

Andrew has been working in the print industry since 2003, working in prepress, management, and ultimately owner of print shops, including Printing Solutions of Tempe, Arizona. See Andrew's LinkedIn Profile here.