5 Reasons Why Your Print Material is Ignored

Print Material

Time, research, and experience have proven how effective print marketing can be in getting your brand and message across to your specific audience. Now more than ever, print marketing helps to solidify your presence by backing up what people might see on your website and social media channels.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time, energy and money on print marketing that is going unseen or ignored by your potential clients and customers. It can be depressing and infuriating all at the same time.

So why is it happening? Why is your print material being ignored?

Here are 5 reasons why:

Poor choice of paper

It may be difficult to imagine that something as simple as the stock of paper can make a difference in whether people are paying attention to your print marketing, but it’s true. Consider a direct mail piece as an example. Imagine your intended audience checking their mail and quickly sorting through the stack of envelopes and ads they may have received. If your print material is on the same stock of paper as everything else, it definitely not stand out. Try something a little different to grab the attention of the person sorting the mail.

Too much information

Sometimes less is more. A common mistake businesses make is dumping too much information into a single piece of print marketing. This can be overwhelming, confusing and feel like a waste of time. Focus instead on a clear, concise and eye-catching piece that directs them to a website for more information. These days, people actually appreciate that you are aware of their limited time. They will pay more attention to something well designed and short than something long and drawn out.

No personalization

Customers in today’s marketplace are expecting more personalization when it comes to marketing. Use this to your advantage. It’s not always easy or cost effective to personalize every piece of print marketing, but do what you can. For example, send a postcard that is designed and focused on mothers for Mother’s Day. Use door hangers that acknowledge the area of town you are in. Anything you can do to add a touch of personalization can make a difference.

Too plain

When the design of your printed marketing material is off, you can bet that it will get passed over in a jiffy. You don’t have to break the bank to design something that stands out. In fact, some of the simplest changes and formats can be the most effective. Try using a different shape or style to add some spice to your piece. It’s important to stick to your branding for continuity, but challenge yourself to shake things up just a bit to avoid being boring.

No “call-to-action”

Informing is always good when you are sending out marketing material, but be sure you are directing your audience to take some sort of action. It might be to scan a QR code or visit a website. You might invite your audience to participate in a survey or attend a special event. Be sure you’re asking them to do something or your printed marketing piece, full of great information, will just end up at the bottom of a wastebasket.

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