7 Tips for Highly Effective Marketing Material

Marketing Material

Go ahead and try to grow your business without the right marketing material…just try it! Our bet is that you won’t get very far. There’s a good reason that solid marketing materials have been used by successful businesses for hundreds of years. It works!

We live in the digital age when the focus is on internet marketing and content. In our rush to stay ahead of the curve, we sometimes fail to look back at what is actually working and what is historically proven to work. This includes good marketing material.

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However, it’s not enough to just have a brochure highlighting your services or a business card that was designed in the 1980’s. It takes a bit of strategy and ingenuity to successfully use marketing material.

Here are 7 tips for developing highly effective marketing material:

1. Keep it Simple

As excited and proud as you might be about the services and products offered through your business, it is better not to list every single detail. Remember that people have short attention spans and they want to be able to get the gist of the business in a short glance.

2. Stay Consistent

You can’t argue with the hundreds of studies and reports that shows the importance of consistency in your message and branding. All marketing material should have the same general feel and tone. This includes color schemes, language and artwork.

3. Use Printed Material

Yes, your online presence is definitely important, but it should not be the reason for letting your printed collateral grow outdated. Printed material still plays a crucial role in the marketing of your business. Your printed marketing strategy should compliment and work in conjunction with your online marketing strategy, which includes staying consistent (see point 2 above).

4. The Right People for the Right Job

Let designers design and writers write. There is a good reason why they do what they do. Trust their instincts and give them your support. You’ll end up with marketing material that really works.

5. Images are Hot

It is true that pictures speak a thousand words and that doesn’t change when it comes to marketing material. Spend the time to find the right images that convey the right message. People, including your prospective customers, relate to pictures so give them good ones.

6.  Have a Point

Every bit of marketing material should have some sort of call to action or clear next step. Guide your prospect to that action by first, grabbing their attention, second, informing them, and third, inviting them to move forward. They won’t buy if you don’t ask!

7.  Don’t Chase – Attract

No one likes being chased, including you! Be sure to give your prospects something to look at that draws them in naturally. Take the time to develop clever and attractive marketing material that helps to set the tone of your brand.

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