The Long and Short of How Stress Affects Your Health

Once again we turn to our friends at Elements Massage in Glendale for some friendly advice. This time we bring to light the harmful affects that stress can have on being healthy. The Elements therapists bring passion to each massage they provide and believe in the healing powers they hold in their fingertips. Stress comes […]

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The Print + Design Guide

On a past episode of popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory“, main character Leonard was trying to “fit in” with his girlfriend Penny and her football watching buddies. As a Experimental Physicist by trade, his knowledge base was NOT centered around America’s game, so in order to freshen up for the big game Leonard […]

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Brochure Folding Options

Folding is an important part of a brochure and oftentimes the design can be enhanced based on how the final piece will be ultimately folded. At Printing Solutions we offer several folding options for our high quality brochures. Take a look to see which one is best for your needs. Accordion FoldA sheet which has […]

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Concerned about Your Child’s Handwriting? Try These Helpful Tips

Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy is in the business of making people feel better, function better and live better. They rely on a hands-on, individualized approach to treatment and provide the dedicated, qualified care you need. You can then get back to your job, your family, your life, faster. In order to help them promote their healing services, […]

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