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Elements Massage Builds Their Brand with Quality Printing

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At Printing Solutions, we understand the value of a good client. In fact we prefer to call them partners, not clients. Many of our partners are small businesses trying to find a niche in their respective markets. Others are larger, more established companies that enjoy the smooth, easy, one stop shopping approach that Printing Solutions provides. Still others are franchises with many locations in their cities. In many cases, our reputation as one of the top printing companies in Scottsdale Arizona has grown through word of mouth, passed along by our partners. We value their business and we appreciate their loyalty.

One of the things that sets us apart from our competition, is that we actively try and help our partner businesses grow through cross promotion, marketing ideas and printing knowledge that ensures that their messages are heard loud and clear. We feel this is good for both parties and keeps the relationship strong and healthy.

Elements Massage is one of those companies that we have enjoyed a long history with. They were one of our first clients back in 2007 when Printing Solutions was founded. Fast forward to 2014 and they are still with us. In between we have produced countless marketing materials for several Elements franchises throughout the Valley of the Sun. Whether it’s a classy linen business card used as a gift or appointment card, a promotional glossy postcard, a functional notepad or just a simple letterhead and envelope combination – Printing Solutions always produces high quality, consistent products that help Elements represent their brand with style and a professional appearance.

Knowing that their marketing is handled properly, Elements franchise owners are able to concentrate on what they do best, providing the rejuvenating benefits of therapeutic massage. Elements Therapeutic Massage believes that massage is a vital part of proper body maintenance and that it provides tremendous positive effects on your body and well-being. At all 6 valley wide locations, regular massage therapy is encouraged to maintain overall health and wellness. It’s no secret massage relaxes you. But that doesn’t mean it’s a luxury, far from it in fact. Massage is medically proven to decrease anxiety and stress, muscle pain, migraines and depression. It’s proven to increase circulation, alertness and immune functions, and to improve sleeping patterns. Additionally, regular massage therapy is an extremely effective way of relieving stress.

Not All Massage Is Created Equal – and Elements Massage is one of the best. For more information about Four Conditions Massage Can Help Improve That You May Not Know About, visit the Elements Glendale website. Whether your need for massage therapy is intended to promote relaxation and overall well-being or if it’s a more specific treatment for pain or chronic health issues, Elements team of skilled therapists can really make a difference.

Raise Grateful Kids

How To Raise Grateful Kids

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At Printing Solutions, we are more than just a printing company in Scottsdale. Sure we can handle all of your printing and design needs, however we like to think of ourselves as partners to all of our clients as well. In other words, we don’t want to just provide a service to you, we in fact want to help you promote your business as well. With that in mind, we oftentimes post helpful, advice based blogs from some of our clients – that will help our readers with things other than printing.

Today, we offer an article that provides some great parenting advice for everyone fortunate enough to have children. It comes from our friends at She Knows, a website that offers female-focused content and programming that attracts more than 43 million unique visitors. They were recently honored by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Websites for Women and one of the Top 10 Lifestyle Sites for Women. They are locally based and have chosen Printing Solutions as their Scottsdale printing company. In support of their marketing needs, we have produced top quality business cards, greeting cards, letterhead and envelopes for the last 2 years.

To see this blog in its entirety and to see more of what She Knows provides, click here


We live in a material world, and unfortunately many of us spoil our kids. Parents want to give their children more than they had growing up, so some spoiling seems inevitable. But we don’t want our self-centered kids to become self-absorbed, ungrateful adults. So what can parents do?

Start when they are young

From the time children are toddlers, we can begin teaching them about gratitude. Start by not giving them everything. It’s OK to want your child to have nice things, but when we give our children every single thing they want, they develop a major sense of entitlement.

Make a “get one, donate one” rule

You want to teach your kids about helping others and being grateful for what they have. One of the easiest ways to do that with young children is to make a “get one, donate one” rule. For each new toy (or article of clothing) that your child is given, he must give one away. Donating to the needy or less fortunate is a great way for your kids to learn to be grateful. If possible, don’t just put the toys in a box and drop them off yourself. Let your kids actually see where the toys are going by visiting a children’s hospital or shelter.

Volunteer as a family

Speaking of helping the less fortunate, the sooner you can get your children involved in volunteer opportunities, the better. Volunteering is a great way for families to bond, while also helping out others. Check out these ways that you can volunteer as a family.

Insist on thank-you notes

From the time your child can write (and even before), you should insist on sending thank-you notes for each gift received, no matter how small. Even toddlers can draw pictures on the card or note, and you can sign their names. This basic act of sending notes is a simple task that will help gratitude stick with them throughout their lives.

Take the emphasis off material gifts

Throughout the year (and especially at birthdays and holiday time), downplay the presents. When you are celebrating special occasions, talk about the joy of doing activities together rather than receiving gifts.

Practice what you preach

Your children look up to you more than anyone. If you want them to be more grateful, you need to do the same. Make gratitude a part of your daily conversation. Talk about all the things you appreciate, from your husband taking out the trash to your co-workers helping you with a project. By showing and talking about all the things that you have in your lives to be thankful for, you’ll be on the road to raising humble, grateful children.