5 Print Products Every Business Should Invest In

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There’s a lot that goes into starting a new business, not the least of which is ordering branded print products. But if you’ve never owned a business before, it may be difficult to decide which print materials you really need.

At Printing Solutions, we work with businesses every day to help them choose the perfect materials for company. Over the years we’ve noticed a few that are consistently at the top of the “need to have” lists, so we’ve listed them for you below.

1. Business Cards

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to business relationships. Make yours memorable in the good way by having quality, well designed business cards on hand at all times. You can even spice them with a plastic coating or 3D effect to make them really stand out from the crowd.

2. Envelopes and Letterhead

It has become quite common for people to throw mail away without even opening it if they can’t tell where it’s from. There’ll be none of that when you use custom envelopes and letterhead for your business mailings. They make your correspondence automatically more professional and official, and are a must-have for any business in any industry.

3. Notepads

Want to really wow visiting clients? Give them a branded notepad to jot down thoughts from your meeting. You’ll immediately put them at ease by providing a way to take notes, which they may not have thought to bring, and they’ll always know which meeting the notes are from, thanks to your prominently displayed logo and company name.

4. Signs

Signs are essential to any business, and not just for the building’s exterior. Mark your spot with a professionally printed sign for your business’s interior wall. Choose from banners, foam core, canvas, and more to display your products, services, pricing, and more.

5. Postcards

Send appointment reminders and event announcements in style with one of our eye-popping postcards. Available in black and white or full color on two different paper weights and a variety of finishes, postcards are the perfect way to send a message in an easily digestible format. To make sure they’re really noticed, you can even add a special 3D effect.

For more tips on choosing print materials for your business or to schedule an appointment with one of our talented designers, give Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300.

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