How to Decide What Print Material Is the Best for My Business

Best Print Material

Everybody knows that the war of business never ends. That’s why even the small wins are crucial. A huge way to surpass your competitor… or enemy, is by making the right decisions in printing. The power in the presentation of the English language is as important as ever. The type of print material you choose to invest in really determines whether or not you come out on top. So let’s begin!

Business Cards

These little beauties are glossy, uncoated, and will come in full color single or double sided. You will of course have options in customizing your card such as round corners, custom die cuts and more. To make a statement about the class and sophistication of your business, pull one of these cards out to make your declaration.

Door Hangers

Take that business card to the doors in your community with the Printing Solutions door hangers. The door hangers give you the same options as the business card and will allow you to spread out even further for your business growth. This is the age of the Internet, but promoting your business in a way the people can grab with both hands still holds weight. Bonus, door hangers allow face to face interactions with potential customers and clients!


Door hangers are great for houses and apartments, but if you really want to put a flag into the ground for your business invest in banners and signs! With variations in size and color, Printing Solutions will show you which options are best for you so you can spread the word on your business. Locations like coffee shops, college campuses, gyms, apartment complexes, grocery stores, clubs and restaurants. Picking banners and signs allow you to take your business anywhere you want to go in order to spread the word.


The glossy, uncoated and silk laminated postcards you can get with Printing Solutions will allow you to take your business to the next level by bringing you a wider audience. No longer will you be confined to your city, county, state or even country. Take your business to the masses by sending out these postcards all over the world!


Bring a little levity in the presentation of your business with stickers. We make these fun stickers with 70lb premium sticker paper so you can convey the solidness of your business. You have the option of making these bumper stickers as well. Take your business to the streets and highways. People of all ages love to use stickers and you can bring them what they want while getting the name of your business out there.

All of these are tools that will be at your disposal when you choose Printing Solutions. We’ll provide you with all of the expert advice you need when you gear up for war!

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