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Door hanger advertising is a great way to attract new customers to your business. They are economically friendly, visually appealing, easily distributed and very customizable. Well designed door hangers with an effective message can really help you muscle your way into the mindset of a prospective customer. In the ultra-competitive marketplace that exists today, it is vitally important for the small business owner to find fresh and exciting ways to get their message delivered to the right target. This process includes several important planning questions that need to be answered;

– What is my existing customer market and how can I keep them coming back for my product or service?
– What is the message I am trying to deliver?
– How can I target and attract new customers?
– How can improve my overall customer satisfaction?
– How much can I afford to spend on advertising?

The answer to each of these questions can be found in door hanger advertising. In these difficult economic times, advertising is still a must and in order for the small business owner to remain competitive they must find the right solution to provide the maximum impact on a tight advertising budget. Door hangers are the perfect choice to accomplish this task and to also have a little design fun as well. Door hangers work because they get your target audience to take notice of your company almost every time.

One big advantage that door hangers have over other products is that they can be customized to fit your precise marketing needs with custom design, layout, images and more. Plus they are not easily pushed aside because they must be physically removed from the front door. Door hanger advertising lets you reach your target audience very easily – all you have to know is where your prospects live. Then, you can recruit a team of helpers to canvass neighborhoods so you can distribute your door hangers quickly and with minimal effort.

For our Arizona customers we can also offer a unique partnership opportunity to help with your distribution. Arizona Flyer Service has been delivering client flyers, door hangers and magazines since 1996. In fact, they deliver over 1/2 million pieces per month. They employ reliable retired seniors, health nuts, church groups – in all over 100 very dependable people to help hundreds of business owners spread their message. With rates as low as $.12 per door, Arizona Flyer Service provides a quality, affordable method to put their clients marketing materials into the hands of a target market. Call them today at 480-888-5957 and tell them that Printing Solutions referred you. Combined with Printing Solutions this partnership has got you covered from print to the front door.

Once that you have decided that a custom designed door hanger is right for you, the next thing you will need to do is ask yourself 3 simple questions;

1. What product or service am I going to promote? Keep this short and to the point and be very specific. Studies have shown the first 3 seconds after seeing an advertisement are the most important. This is because the consumer will usually decide within that time frame whether or not to purchase, so don’t complicate things and make your customers think about the promotion. Instead give them exactly the information that you want them to have. For example, do you have a best value, most popular product or specific inventory to move? Is there a great sale or perhaps a new item that you want to introduce?

2. Who is your target audience? This is the time to decide where you will be distributing your door hangers. Are you a pizza shop with a limited delivery range? If so, it wouldn’t make any sense to distribute your door hangers on the other side of town. On the other hand, if you were a dog groomer wouldn’t it be logical to distribute your promotion in an area that is geographically close to the local dog park? Although proximity is an obvious variable to answer this question, there are others such as home values, the number of children in the area and cultural considerations as well. The best answer is to select the neighborhoods that you feel will produce the greatest response.

3. How are you going to get people to respond? At Printing Solutions, we feel that the key to an effective door hanger advertising campaign is a great call to action. By giving your prospects something to act on, you are inviting them to respond to your promotion. Words and phrases like ‘FREE!!’, ‘10% off’, ‘Call Now and Save’ and there are many more – leave the perception that the customer is getting value with their purchase. This is enticing and may lead to sale.

The final step in the process once you have determined the WHAT, WHO and HOW – is to create an eye-catching design that will put all of the answers together and deliver maximum impact with your custom door hangers. Establishing a budget and creating a distribution schedule are also both important considerations and should be managed.

By having all the pieces in front of you, your task at hand, which is to develop an advertising strategy, now becomes easier. Be advised that it may take some trial and error to get everything right and that you may not initially get the response you hoped for. However, by fine tuning the distribution and design of your door hangers, over the course of time you should see improved results.

Printing Solutions is a Scottsdale printing company with an outstanding team of graphic designers ready to consult with you about your ideas and then turn them into reality. Our door hanger advertising is printed on premium paper in your choice of full color or black and white. They are also available with UV coating or a matte finish, and come in a variety of sizes to suit every taste. For a limited time, we are offering a great design/print package deal on double-sided, full-color door hangers. For orders of 5000 or more door hangers, we will do the design work for free

Set yourself apart from the competition with custom door hanger advertising professionally designed to your specifications. Your custom designed door hanger will make the difference and put your business right in front of your customers where they can’t miss it.

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Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

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