Eco-friendly Custom NCR Forms Leave Great Impressions

Custom printed NCR forms are a great business solution for companies that need to produce duplicate copy documents. They are inexpensive, produce high quality duplicates and are environmentally friendly. A well designed NCR form can help avoid miscommunication and costly mistakes by creating a paper trail of identical information for your customer, for your records and for other departments within your organization. Printed forms help us collect data, but they also help inform customers of important contact information and fine print and serve as a record for a transaction.

By definition, the term NCR stands for No Carbon Required and using these eco-friendly forms printed on carbonless paper makes good business sense. By chemically treating the paper with special dyes, the information is transferred from the top page to subsequent pages or parts, once an impression is applied – or in simple terms when it is written on.

Typical examples of printed carbonless forms include purchase orders, customer estimates, contracts, works orders, applications, shipping receipts and many other instances where multiple copies are required. We all encounter NCR forms on a daily basis from the paper work we fill out in the doctor’s office to the bill of sales we receive from a store or repairman. Standard sizes are half page (8.5 x 5.5) or full page (8.5 x 11) and custom sizes can also be ordered to meet your specific needs. Depending on the number of copies needed, custom NCR forms are produced as either 2-part carbonless forms or even 3-part, with each part or page printed on a separate color paper.

Our NCR forms are printed in Arizona and can be produced with black ink only or full color on one side only or on both sides. Think in terms of header, body and footer as you begin to lay out the design. The front side of the form should always include your company logo, important contact and company information as well as the basic form details. Contact information typically is placed in the header, information gathering in the body, and signatures and disclaimers in the footer. Use the back side of the form for printing non-variable text that you want on every copy – such as terms & conditions or warranty information. Also, to help the keep your documents organized NCR business forms can also be customized to include sequential numbering.

At Printing Solutions, we can create your custom printed NCR forms to match your corporate branding and enhance your credibility in the marketplace. We produce high quality carbonless NCR forms that are both cost effective and very affordable. Our team of talented graphic designers can help create forms that will make your life easier and allow you to leave a professional impression with all of your customers.

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