How David Berg Created a Sensational Company Culture at Arrowhead Health Centers

Here at Printing Solutions, we value having a company culture very highly. We strive to make our work environment a creative, motivating, happy one. That’s why we like to virtually high-five other companies who do the same. In this blog, we’re going to highlight Arrowhead Health Centers, a leading integrated healthcare system here in Arizona.

With locations in Glendale, Surprise/Sun City, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale and Prescott Valley, they’re taken over as one of the leading healthcare providers in the state of Arizona. Their patients find that AHC has an experience like no other doctor’s office offers. We interviewed David Berg, CEO of Arrowhead Health Centers to find out why and how they developed such a unique and sought-after company culture.

What is the core of AHC’s company culture?david berg

Berg explained that the idea behind AHC culture came from seeing how the American healthcare system has failed in certain ways including patient care and simplicity. Arrowhead Health Centers rallies their employees to make each patient’s visit to AHC one in which they feel every one of their needs have been met. “When we’ve seen a patient who can’t believe that what we did was part of their healthcare plan, that’s great,” Berg says. From finding cheaper prescriptions for patients to setting up payment plans, it’s all about giving the patient a higher level of care.

Arrowhead Health Centers employees are trained to not only diagnose a patient’s health issues, but also what their needs are when it comes to healthcare in general. From focusing on saving patients money to giving comprehensive care in one location, AHC is all about efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why each employee focuses on a customer-centric model, thinking of the patient not only as that, but also a customer who has needs as they would with any other purchase of a product or service. Every articulated and non-articulated need is met without having to be asked. It’s a culture of “Yes, we can help you,” says Berg.

What do you look for in potential employees?

AHC wouldn’t be what it is without the employees. That’s what makes them stand out not only against other doctor’s offices, but integrated healthcare systems as well. Each potential employee is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Personality assessment
  • Competency assessment
  • Ability to solve difficult scenarios without direction
  • Helpful attitude
  • Friendliness
  • Innovative mind
  • Will their response always be, “Yes, we can help you,” in any situation?

Through their rigorous hiring process, Arrowhead Health Centers whittles down the pool of applicants by carefully assessing their ability to solve problems and fulfill a patients needs by thinking outside of the box. Berg says he loves the feeling of bringing a young person to the team and enabling them to see healthcare in a different way and open their eyes to how they can make a difference. “When we hire people who are new to the field, we love giving them the feeling that they can truly make a difference in healthcare.”

Berg says during the hiring process, they will give applicants a scenario in which a patient has requested to be seen early and is unable to wait for their scheduled time due to a time constraint with their ride home. “We look for engagement, teamwork, innovation. The worst answer is, “I’ll reschedule the patient,” says Berg. “We can get you on the phone with our 24-hour physician line. We can set you up with another doctor here in our office. We can arrange other transportation for you so you can complete your scheduled appointment. Those are the types of answers we’re looking for.”

Culture Matters

The fact is, when you own a business and you create a culture that not only benefits your employees but also your consumers, your business will not only succeed, it will thrive. Surround yourself with employees who strive to not only meet the standards of your business, but to create a unique and untouchable experience for your customers, ensuring they’ll be life-long fans of your business.

Thank you to David Berg for speaking with us about Arrowhead Health Centers. To get more information on AHC’s incredible culture and integrated health system, visit

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Andrew Pinch

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