Paper Selection: The Foundation for Your Printing

When it comes to fashion, there’s no one more trendsetting than Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. She has her pick of the best designers, newest pieces and vintage collections. In short, she has unlimited options.

As a print company in Scottsdale, AZ, Printing Solutions know very little about fashion, but we do know what it’s like to be a trendsetter and have unlimited options, and more importantly, so do our customers. When it comes to paper selection, our customers are given the royal treatment, meaning they have access to hundreds of thousands of different types of paper, everything from matte to glossy to coated, just to name a few.

Just like an accessory can make or break an outfit, the type of paper can have a tremendous impact on the overall printed product. Luckily, our experienced printers know what types of paper will and won’t work on certain projects, and can advise our customers if need be. After all, even people as fashionable as Kate Middleton get help from stylists from time to time. Just think of Printing Solutions as your personal printing stylist.

As such, our first piece of paper style advice is to choose cardstock when printing business cards and postcards. Although the type of paper is entirely up to you, we’ve been in this business long enough to know that cardstock works best for business cards and postcards as it is more durable and less flimsy than other types of paper. Don’t forget that you can dress up your business cards or postcards with different finishes, foils, and die cutting to let your individual style shine through.

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Another type of paper that is a staple in the printing world and always a popular choice is coated paper. When working with Printing Solutions we give you the option of one-sided coated paper or two-sided coated paper, known respectively as c1s or c2s. Generally speaking, most of our printed products are c2s, but occasionally, for things like greeting cards, we use c1s paper.

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Whatever type of paper you’re looking for, we guarantee we have it.To find out more about our endless paper selection and our paper style dos and donts, call us at 480-596-6300 or visit us in person at 14201 N Hayden Rd in Scottsdale, AZ.

We’re no fashion queen, but we are Scottsdale’s printing king, and no one knows that better than our customers who receive nothing but royal perks.

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Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

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