Unique Branded Merchandise/Swag for Your Employees

Unique Branded Merchandise

Most employees would agree that it’s fun to get company branded swag every now and then. In the past, items such as coffee mugs, tee shirts, and even pens and pencils with the logo on it serve as the perfect prizes at meetings or gatherings. They can also serve to promote company solidarity and team spirit. If used correctly be employers, company swag can be fun.

These days, however, employees are no longer impressed with a tee shirt or coffee mug. They want something modern and useful…something clever that they are proud to show off to their friends and co-workers.

The next time you’re looking to give out unique branded merch/swag for your employees, consider some of the items below:

Thumb Drives

This is perfect for this generation of employees who are on the go and on the computer more than ever. There are many different ways to use a thumb drive, which means more people will see them. Give your employees a thumb drive with your company’s branding on it and then turn them loose to do some covert marketing for you.

Sports Bottles

Giving your employees cool sports bottles with your logo on it not only promotes your business, but also promotes healthy living. People love having water bottles in hand throughout the day and they are especially popular with those who are at the gym on a regular basis. Plus, this is something they can use every day!

Laptop/Tablet Sleeves

There are more people than ever carrying their laptop or tablet around with them. Your employees will love receiving an accessory like this that is functional and professional. This is an item that might make a great prize at your next company meeting.


Most of us put off buying our own calendar because we’re waiting to get a free one from someone else. This is your chance to shine! Your employees may use their company branded calendar at the office or at home.


Again, this is the type of swag that can be used in many different locations and settings, including in the office or at home. The fact that they are useful makes them more valuable to your employee and increases the chances of them being seen by people outside of your business.

Giving away company merchandise or swag as a way to market your business never hurts anyone. Plus, employees love receiving gifts and gadgets like those we’ve mentioned.

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