Why We Love Printing, and Why You Should, Too

Long Live Print!

Listen up folks: printing is not dead. I repeat: printing is NOT dead. You may have heard otherwise, but as the owner of a printing company in Arizona, I’m here to tell you that the “death of printing” myth is simply that: a myth. Yes, technology is taking over our culture by leaps and bounds, but there’s still a place for printing in between all of the gizmos and gadgets. In honor of printing’s greatness, we’ve put together a list of all the reasons we love printing, and why you should too.

1. It’s an outlet for creativity.

Think back to your childhood. What’s the one activity you couldn’t get enough of? If you’re anything like me, it was probably putting pen to paper. Printing allows for this creativity on a larger scale. Through words and images, creative genius is born. Thoughts, ideas, and even emotions are captured and conveyed through printing.

2. It’s diverse.

The number of things that you can make with paper and printing is virtually endless. From business cards to retractable banners, notepads, and more, the list goes on and on.

3. It’s customizable.

You can customize any piece of printed product to your exact specifications. From choosing the color to adding a logo or dying the edges, printing provides a way for you to showcase your company’s personality. Each and every piece of printed product can be custom made.

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4. It’s secure.

With printing, you can always be sure that your message is being seen. Technical difficulties, viruses and other malware don’t exist in the printing world. Once you print it, it’s there for good.

5. It’s personal.

In a culture saturated with screens, wires, and impersonal interactions, printing allows for the personal to shine through. Printed products are tangible items you can hold onto long after cellphone screens have cracked and the internet stops running. Printing makes it possible to create something genuine and unique that can only be delivered through face-to-face interaction.

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Printing is here to stay. People will always crave personal connections no matter how digital our society becomes, and printing is one way you can achieve this. It is the everyday, everyway entity for every man and woman.

Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

Andrew has been working in the print industry since 2003, working in prepress, management, and ultimately owner of print shops, including Printing Solutions of Tempe, Arizona. See Andrew's LinkedIn Profile here.