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3 Reasons Why Your Business Cards Aren’t Working

Business cards are a big part of your first impression on a potential customer or client…and you know what they say about first impressions.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating a business card as a way to connect with your target audience. Some people may be under the impression that business cards are an outdated concept and that they are no longer relevant. However, savvy marketers know that a solid business card is not only as relevant as ever, but that they are more unique and diverse now, helping you stand out from your competition.

While there are some truly innovative business card ideas floating around out there, be aware that there is still a line that can be crossed when it comes to over doing it. The basic rule of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” is still something wise to consider. If you’re handing out business cards frequently and not getting any response, it could be that your card just isn’t doing the trick. Here are 3 reasons why your business cards could use some work:

1. They’re Over-Designed

When the focus of the business card is more on the colors, fonts, shapes, or images and less on who you are and what you do, you have a problem. Some people get so preoccupied with standing out from other business cards that they over do it. They make the mistake of adding too much, confusing their potential client and, unfortunately, making the card forgettable.

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Remember to stick to the basics. Make sure your card highlights your name and what it is you can do for the person you just handed the card to. Design the card so that every element, including colors and images, tell the story of what you do.

2.  They’re Boring

It could be that you are not getting calls back because your business card has been swallowed up by a sea of similar business cards in the 3rd drawer down of your potential contact’s desk drawer. Make sure your card stands out. There is a way to do this without going overboard. You might try printing cards that are an unusual size or shape. Use a clever color scheme that will catch the eye of your contact.

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We know we just got done telling you to beware of over designing your card, but there is a happy middle ground. There is a way to use color, fonts and taglines in the right way to ensure your card stands out without being obnoxious.

3. Bad Print Job

Nothing can ruin a business card faster than a bad print job. Poor ink or paper quality is easy to spot from a mile away. Low quality printing reflects on you personally and can have a major impact on your first impression with your contact. Do not risk losing out on future business by skimping on the printing of your business cards.

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