5 Things Your Logo Should Say About Your Business

5 Things Your Logo Should Say About Your Business

One common mistake businesses make when it comes to the branding and marketing of their company is in how they use their logo. Some businesses underestimate just how important a logo is and how it can impact a potential client or customer or they overuse a logo that may have great meaning to them that is lost on everyone else.

Good logos should begin to tell a story about your business right away. Even without knowing the exact service or product you offer, a person seeing your logo will understand things about you and your business such as your attention to detail and your personality.

Here are 5 things your logo should say about your business:

1. Your Company’s Personality

A good logo should have some kind of personality to it. You want to find the balance between being too cold and stiff and too vague. By strategically using colors, shapes and design, your logo should easily convey the feel and style of your of your company.

2. We Are Professional

No matter what shapes or colors your logos use, it should send a message of professionalism. This can be accomplished by good design. Even the most fun or flowery logo can come across professional if designed right. You want your clients to know that you take your business seriously.

3. Confidence in What We Offer

Similar to being professional, your logo should be strong and unapologetic. Don’t make the mistake of being vague or too subtle with your logo design. People pick up on this whether you realize it or not. Knowing how to create strength in a logo is not always easy, but you’ll recognize it when you see it.

4. Class

Even very edgy and amusing logos can be respectful to their audiences. This is a sure sign of class, something that most clients and customers are looking for. Use your best judgment when deciding on a logo so that the class of your company shines through.

5. We’ll Be Around For the Future

Designing a logo that will stand the test of time is perhaps the trickiest part of the process. Yet stability and longevity are 2 important things that your contacts are looking for. Make sure that whoever is designing your logo has an understanding of simplicity and smoothness that will prolong the life of your logo.

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