use print to brand your office

How to Use Print to Brand Your Office Space

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Here at Printing Solutions, we print a lot more than business cards and direct mail. From wall clings to custom canvas prints, our products have found their way to the offices of our various clients as permanent decor. That’s right, print is a great way to brand everything … even your office space! Here’s how to use it.   Read More

Best Colors In Marketing

Best Colors to Use in Marketing Materials

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Whether we realize it or not, the colors used in marketing materials are sending a very big message to their target audience all on their own. There are specific feelings and emotions that certain colors evoke and when the right color is used in the right place, it can play a key role in delivering your message.

Colors serve as a sort of non-verbal communicator. As humans, we tend to subconsciously assign certain traits and characteristics to colors, including their shades and hues. Dark red used at a restaurant, for example, can make an entirely different statement than a lighter red would.

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To understand what messages colors are sending, consider the following color chart, which lists the emotions, characteristics and ideas each color can portray:


Aggressive, Energy, Excitement. It has been pointed out that restaurants use red to not only stimulate appetite, but also to keep people moving along so there is always room for the next customer.


Dependable, Safe, Loyalty. Banks and other financial institutions use blue to help portray a safe and steadfast environment. Blue is also often used in uniform design from military to police to security guards.


Growth, Peace, Health. If you are going for a calming feel for your marketing material, use green. People feel more connected and natural with green logos and branding.


Happiness, Cheer, Sunshine. You can use yellow to convey optimism and positivity. Women tend to like yellow more than men.


Playful, Engergetic, Fun. Often used to promote toys and various forms of entertainment. It has been used to express a beginning, like a sunrise.


Wealth, Sophistication, Royalty. Purple often associates with prosperity and wealth. Many have had success using purple when targeting young women in their teen and pre-teen years.


Youthful, Sweet, Creative. Perfect color choice when promoting romance or femininity. Used for candy and sweets.


Power, Mystery, Authority. While black is a very powerful color that conveys intelligence and sophistication, it also evokes emotions of death and grieving.


Clean, Pure, Safety. Perfect to use for anything health related or with baby products. White can give a feeling of balance and it’s use will convey neutrality.

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When it comes to choosing the right color for your marketing material, it really boils down to what message you are hoping to get across. Do not make the mistake of underestimating your color choices. Carefully consider what it is you want to convey immediately with your marketing material. Remember that color is sending a message whether you want it to or not.

For more questions about color use in marketing material, call Printing Solutions at 480-596-6300.

Unique Experience

Create a Unique Experience at Trade Shows

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Standing out at trade shows is everything. Without a unique set up and eye catching materials, you’ll fade into the background. We have plenty of experience with trade shows and know what works. From initial design to execution, our Scottsdale printing company can help you come up with a strategy that’s sure to get you noticed for providing a unique experience at trade shows.

Make sure you have someone professional and outgoing manning your booth

The person responsible for representing your company should send the right message. You won’t create a unique experience at trade shows with a shy representative. Timid personalities will get lost in the crowd at trade shows. You’ve got to command attention not only with your booth, but with your physical presentation. Have your representative work on their spiel that they’ll be giving to visitors. It should be rehearsed, but also very easy-going and should flow in a natural way.

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Bring the right materials

It’s imperative that you have the right materials for the show. People will have their hands full of swag and marketing materials so you want something they’ll actually hold onto. This can be as simple as a well designed postcard that they’ll want to hold onto, maybe a notepad that you know they’ll hold onto or something unique like a plastic business card that will stand out above the rest.

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Give them incentive to visit your website

Consider offering a discount for anyone who signs up on your website or gives you their email while visiting your booth. They’re going to be overloaded with information about businesses so why should they take the time to look you up? Give them a reason to!

Encourage participation

There’s many ways you can make sure that people remember your booth and actually interact with your company. The more they interact with you, the more likely they are to remember you the next day, the next week or the next month. Raffles are a great way to keep their attention. Hand each visitor a ticket and give them a time to come back to participate in the raffle. Ask them to post pictures to your social media and offer a prize for the best picture. Make sure to include a hashtag relevant to your company!

If you can manage to capture the attention of trade show visitors long enough for them to remember you later, you’ve broken through the trade show barrier. Being unique can go a long way when you’re room of hundreds of people and exhibitors.

If you need printed materials to take to your next trade show, stop by our Scottsdale printing office or call 480-596-6300. We can help you design and print everything you need for a trade show. We also have designers on staff to help with the initial design process. From logos to business cards, we do it all.

Printed Products

Use Printed Products to Drive More Online Traffic

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Who says print and online marketing have to be in competition with one another? At Printing Solutions, a premier Scottsdale printing company,  we see print and online marketing as companions, both working toward one goal: getting you new customers.

Our advice to small businesses is to stop viewing print and online marketing as mutually exclusive of one another and start seeing them as two pieces of a larger puzzle.

Through flyers, postcards, and sell sheets, you can target traffic to a specific domain. Here’s how it works:

How to Use Printed Products to Drive More Online Traffic

Step #1: Design an Eye-Catching Printed Product

It’s important to create a clean and sophisticated design that people’s eyes will instantly be attracted to. Believe it or not, design can influence your customers’ behaviors in both negative and positive ways.

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Step #2: Keep Text Sparse

Don’t overload your printed product with tons of information. Remember, the purpose of this particular printed piece is to drive traffic to a specific webpage. Thus, you’ll want to include only essential information with one clear call to action.

Step #3: Choose a Domain to Target

There are tons of webpages a business might want to drive traffic to. Some type of pages include:

  • Event page
  • Product/service page
  • Client testimonial
  • Launch page

The advantage of using print to direct traffic to a specific webpage is that you can target a whole new audience. While some customers may find the page through search engines, your printed marketing material can capture an audience that otherwise might have been excluded.

In conclusion, get help creating print marketing materials by giving Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300. We provide printing services that will work in conjunction with your online marketing efforts and as stand alone pieces.