How to Use Print to Brand Your Office Space

use print to brand your office

Here at Printing Solutions, we print a lot more than business cards and direct mail. From wall clings to custom canvas prints, our products have found their way to the offices of our various clients as permanent decor. That’s right, print is a great way to brand everything … even your office space! Here’s how to use it.  

The best place to start branding your office space would be to come up with a budget. “Find out how much you can spend on branding. Once you have that, you can determine what materials to go with,” Kristyn says. It is also a good idea to really look at your space to determine your best branding solution. The Printing Solutions team is always happy to assist a customer with suggestions, or even make a trip out to take a look at the space in person.

On the Windows

They eyes many be the window to the soul, but your office’s windows are the eyes to your business. Window clings are the perfect way to dress them up and show off your brand before anyone even comes in.

“I have seen plenty of clients do outdoor window clings to identity their brand, taglines, or even inspirational quotes,” Kristyn says.

But outside isn’t your only option when it comes to window clings. If the inside of your office space doesn’t offer the seclusion you need, window clings can be a great solution.

“We have a great frosted vinyl graphic we used to give our conference room a sense of privacy,” Kristyn says. “Many people think it is the glass itself, but you can really give that effective with the vinyl.”

use print to brand your office space

And if that’s not reason enough, window clings come without the hassle of strings and cords, like traditional drapes or blinds:

On the Walls

The walls of your office are one of the most ignored spaces when it comes to branding, but these vertical spaces hold a ton of potential.

“We really love the large wall graphic that is in the hallway of our office,” Kristyn says. “It says ‘Long Live Print’ and really rings true to our industry. We love it not only for the visual representation, but because it is what we live by in this business.”

use print to brand your office space

Copy a page from Printing Solutions’ book and opt for a wall cling of your business’s tagline, or if you want something a little less permanent, a custom canvas print is another great solution. Use these to display your company’s core values, a photo of your team, or each step of your business’s customer journey. Your company’s walls hold more combined space than anywhere else in your office, so don’t forget to include them when branding.

On the Surface

Decorating your office walls and windows are a good start, but it’s all in the details when it comes to branding your space thoroughly. Even the items on your employees’ desks play a role in the image your office projects, so it’s a great idea to invest in branded promotional items and office supplies that they can use in meetings and consultations.

“We have the ability to print several promotional product item,” Kristyn says. “We print solutions for our customer so anything you are looking for when it comes to branding, just let us know.”

Our table throws are also popular choices for offices that want items to serve double duty. Table throws are just as perfectly suited for your trade show booth as they are for your front reception desk or in place of a wall graphic, and they’re great way to make a strong, high-quality statement about your brand.

use print to brand your office space

Want to use print to brand your office space? The Printing Solutions team would love to help. Give us a call at 480-596-6300 to request a quote.

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