use print to brand your office

How to Use Print to Brand Your Office Space

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Here at Printing Solutions, we print a lot more than business cards and direct mail. From wall clings to custom canvas prints, our products have found their way to the offices of our various clients as permanent decor. That’s right, print is a great way to brand everything … even your office space! Here’s how to use it.   Read More

Promote Upcoming Event

How Should I Promote My Upcoming Event?

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It’s always a treat when we get to help clients plan and promote upcoming event. Here at Printing Solutions we love being able to help people visualize a beautiful table or booth that brings great engagement and continued profit. We always want to make sure we are giving our clients the type of exposure they are looking for at an event. Read More

Trade Show Basics

The Trade Show Basics – What Essentials You Should Bring

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A strong presence at a trade show has proven to be a very effective way of growing a business and contacting new potential clients and customers. Whether you’re an experienced veteran when it comes to tradeshows or you’re brand new to the process, there are certain things you don’t want to forget. No matter how prepared you think you might be, it never fails that something gets left behind. Read More

Trade Show Booth

Train Your Staff to Get the Most From Your Trade Show Booth

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In the time leading up to a trade show, with all of the many items that you need to check off your to-do list, it can be easy to overlook one very essential preparation. This essential preparation is training the staff who will be manning your trade show booth. No matter how amazing your booth looks or how great your products and services are, if your staff is not ready, you may lose out in a big way. Read More

Trade Show Networking

How to Efficiently Network at a Trade Show

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Networking at a trade show is one of the best ways to find new prospects and potential customers. It’s cheap. It is personal. And can have a longer lasting effect with your prospect if done correctly. However, networking is often overlooked in the rush and excitement of a trade show. It can also be difficult to network at a trade show when you only have a limited time between exchanges. Read More

Successful Trade Show

5 Tips to Make a Successful Trade Show

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We like to write about trade shows a lot, but for good reason! A large number of our clients attend trade shows and expos and have questions about how to make it a successful event for their business. While we can absolutely help you design the perfect layout for your booth, excellent marketing materials and business cards, we can also offer some insight into the world of trade shows and expos. Here are the 3 areas you need to focus on when preparing for your successful trade show:

Your Booth

You’ll be competing with everyone else at the trade show for visitors’ attention. You’ve got to have an eye-catching display to command attention. We can create for you something as small as a stand-up banner or as big as a whole trade show display that can house your technology and marketing materials. (Call for details)

Marketing Materials

We can help you design the perfect marketing materials that are sure to leave the expo with your visitors. You don’t want something that goes in the trash! Give them something they will hold onto like a plastic business card or an origami postcard!

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Who Will Be Speaking?

Undoubtedly you’ll have to designate someone to speak at the trade show. As people pass your booth, they’ll be expecting a presentation. Who would make the best face of your company? Who is best at public speaking? Have them practice their spiel and they’ll be sure to knock it out of the park!

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Once you’ve taken the first step in deciding to showcase your company at a trade show or expo, your next step should be to call us here at Printing Solutions. As the leading print company in Scottsdale, we’re the go-to place for all things trade show. Our talented graphic designers can help you have the perfect materials and we can cover everything from banners to plastic business cards.

If you have any questions about our printed products, give us a call at 480-596-6300 or stop by our Scottsdale printing company. We’ll make sure you have the best booth at the event!

Unique Experience

Create a Unique Experience at Trade Shows

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Standing out at trade shows is everything. Without a unique set up and eye catching materials, you’ll fade into the background. We have plenty of experience with trade shows and know what works. From initial design to execution, our Scottsdale printing company can help you come up with a strategy that’s sure to get you noticed for providing a unique experience at trade shows.

Make sure you have someone professional and outgoing manning your booth

The person responsible for representing your company should send the right message. You won’t create a unique experience at trade shows with a shy representative. Timid personalities will get lost in the crowd at trade shows. You’ve got to command attention not only with your booth, but with your physical presentation. Have your representative work on their spiel that they’ll be giving to visitors. It should be rehearsed, but also very easy-going and should flow in a natural way.

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Bring the right materials

It’s imperative that you have the right materials for the show. People will have their hands full of swag and marketing materials so you want something they’ll actually hold onto. This can be as simple as a well designed postcard that they’ll want to hold onto, maybe a notepad that you know they’ll hold onto or something unique like a plastic business card that will stand out above the rest.

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Give them incentive to visit your website

Consider offering a discount for anyone who signs up on your website or gives you their email while visiting your booth. They’re going to be overloaded with information about businesses so why should they take the time to look you up? Give them a reason to!

Encourage participation

There’s many ways you can make sure that people remember your booth and actually interact with your company. The more they interact with you, the more likely they are to remember you the next day, the next week or the next month. Raffles are a great way to keep their attention. Hand each visitor a ticket and give them a time to come back to participate in the raffle. Ask them to post pictures to your social media and offer a prize for the best picture. Make sure to include a hashtag relevant to your company!

If you can manage to capture the attention of trade show visitors long enough for them to remember you later, you’ve broken through the trade show barrier. Being unique can go a long way when you’re room of hundreds of people and exhibitors.

If you need printed materials to take to your next trade show, stop by our Scottsdale printing office or call 480-596-6300. We can help you design and print everything you need for a trade show. We also have designers on staff to help with the initial design process. From logos to business cards, we do it all.