What to Bring to an Expo to Fit In and to Stand Out

The success of your next expo is in your control. You just have to know the right things to focus on so that you are not only prepared to look the part, but also ready to stand out from your competitors. That’s why it is so important to know what to bring to an expo.

Both trade shows and business expos have proven in the past to be an excellent way to introduce your business to others while collecting leads and contacts to follow up with. In many ways, how you present your business at an expo is microcosm of your entire company. Your presence, your message, your look and even your ability to work with others are all highlighted in one way or another when you participate in an expo.

Do You Fit In?

In the sea of booths and displays that makes up a business expo or trade show, it would seem counterintuitive to want to “fit in.” However, you do want to be sure that you are participating in the right type of expo. Make sure that you choose expos that will provide contact with the right type of people. Some businesses have found that, instead of buying space at every expo, they hold off and only participate in expos that will give them the best ROI.

You also want to be sure that you look the part. Having correct signage, displays and marketing collateral is essential at any trade show or expo. You want to walk into your next expo feeling confident that you can hang with other participating businesses because you have the right materials.

Do You Stand Out?

Once you have the basics covered for your next expo, it’s time to start thinking about how you can set yourself apart from the many other businesses that will be represented there. Most importantly, you want to know that you are clearly different from any other competitors that may be at the same expo.

Standing out really comes down to leaving an impression. You can make a strong impression by paying close attention to the details of your message and your display. For one thing, it is absolutely imperative that you present a uniform and deliberate look and feel to your business. Having banners, signs, table displays, swag and other collateral that match and work together can help to leave that powerful impression.

Make sure that any employees participating match too with coordinated shirts, business cards, and a concise message that reinforces what your signs and banners are saying. If the average person at an expo is only spending a few precious minutes at your booth or display, then you want those few minutes to convey the most powerful message possible, one that will stick with them long after the expo is over.

Not sure exactly how to go about designing effective signs and banners for your expo? Not to worry! Call Printing Solutions at 480-596-6300 and let us work with you on developing an effective presence for your next expo.

Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

Andrew has been working in the print industry since 2003, working in prepress, management, and ultimately owner of print shops, including Printing Solutions of Tempe, Arizona. See Andrew's LinkedIn Profile here.