The Trade Show Basics – What Essentials You Should Bring

Trade Show Basics

A strong presence at a trade show has proven to be a very effective way of growing a business and contacting new potential clients and customers. Whether you’re an experienced veteran when it comes to tradeshows or you’re brand new to the process, there are certain things you don’t want to forget. No matter how prepared you think you might be, it never fails that something gets left behind.

To help you be better prepared for your next trade show, here is a list of the trade show basics – the essentials you should bring every time:

Basic Tool Kit

This might include a screwdriver, hammer, pliers and a box cutter. You’ll never know when these basic tools can come in handy. Even in the most professional setting you might find that there is a small adjustment or fix that needs to be made. Rather than relying on an already swamped maintenance team or your neighbor, be prepared by having your own tool kit.

Electrical Gear

It’s sometimes easy to assume that the venue will have some of the following items ready for you. Better to be prepared than be caught without. Extension cords, adapters, monitors, tablets, music players and anything else electronic you need to make your booth look and sound great are considered essential when it comes to trade shows. Don’t forget a roll or two of black electrical tape just in case.

Office Supplies

Some of these are so basic that you might wonder why we would bother listing them here. But doesn’t it always seem like we forget the most obvious stuff? Don’t forget your pens, paper, business cards, paper clips, rubber bands and safety pins. Throw in some Velcro strips and duct tape too. You might use some of these supplies as you interact with potential clients while others will remain behind the scene holding your booth together.

First Aid

Hopefully your experience at the trade show will be safe and injury free. Be prepared for the small things though. A small first aid kit could be helpful when you find yourself dealing with a paper cut or fighting a headache. Eye drops, cough drops and breath mints can also be beneficial to have on hand.

Plenty of Marketing

Above all, do not forget nor underestimate your marketing items such as brochures, flyers, business cards and other swag. These are the most essential as they convey the message of your business. Sure, you can fight through a cough or a broken table. You can borrow a pen or even go without music. But you can’t get back that moment when you have a potential buyer at your booth with nothing to give them as they walk away.

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