Expo Booths that Draw a Crowd

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For most businesses, there is one way to truly measure the success of their participation at a trade show or business expo – the size of the crowd at their expo booths. All of the work and thought that was put into presenting a display that will leave a lasting and convincing impression is for naught if there is no crowd there to see it.

The goal for any booth at an expo should be to bring in as many potential customers as possible, providing those working the booth a chance to sell the product or service while collecting names, numbers and email addresses for follow up. There are some specific strategies you can follow to ensure you have an optimal size crowd throughout the duration of the expo.

1. Use Social Media

Use social media to promote your participation at the expo before it gets under way. Create a buzz leading up to the event that will pique interest and arouse curiosity.

During the event, use tweets, posts, likes and shares as entries for giveaways and other contests instead of business cards in fish bowls. Post real time pictures of the event on social media channels, including pictures of those manning your booth so that people see familiar faces when they show up.

2. Create a Sharp Image

Make sure that everything related to the expo booths is sharp and clear, both in look and message. Signs, banners and any other marketing material should look clean and crisp with a concise message that gets to your potential client or customer. Do not make the mistake of using outdated, mismatched materials that fail to deliver with strength and confidence. It’s not always about quantity, but more about quality.

3. Prepare Strong Staff

The look and design of your booth should serve to support those who will be presenting at the booth. Make sure the employees at your booth are your best. A strong personal connection will go a long way with those who visit your booth. Because interactions at booths can be brief, prepare your staff to be able to interact with people quickly and powerfully so they make the most of every second.

4. No Empty Hands

Every person who stops at your booth should leave with something. Have a variety of swag and collateral to match each visitor’s level of interest. For some, it may just be a business card. Others will want a brochure or info packet to take back to the home office. Be sure to have the fun stuff too!

5. WiFi and Charging Stations

Get strategic about keeping a steady stream of visitors to your booth by offering free WiFi and charging stations at your booth. These are both hot commodities at any expo or trade show. Consider the extra seconds and minutes you will get with visitors by simply giving them a spot to charge their phone or laptop.

For more tips and ideas on how to make your booth inviting, including banners, signs, and other marketing material, be sure to call Printing Solutions today at 480-596-6300.

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