Where Should You Splurge and Save on Trade Show Supplies?

When so many of your competitors, who offer similar products and services to yours, are present under the same roof as you, you had better know how to stand out. Trade shows are not only proving to be extremely valuable to your potential customers, but they can be hugely successful for you as you strive to bring in new business.

Businesses often approach tradeshow strategies with the same common goals and strategies. They want to “wow” their prospects with not only their product or service, but also the presentation of that product or service. They also want to make sure they are memorable, especially when there is a very good chance that prospects will most likely see their competitors display at the same venue.

This is why it is important to know where to splurge and where to save when it comes to preparing with trade show supplies. Here are some ideas on both:

Save Tip #1

Bigger is not always better. Some businesses end up spending money they could save by paying for more floor space at the tradeshow. Bigger areas do not automatically mean more success. The venue hosting the event will always try to push you to a bigger space, but you may not need it.

Splurge Tip #1

Have a coordinated look. A smaller booth or space at a tradeshow can blow your prospects away when it looks sharp and coordinated. Spend the extra money to make sure everything in your booth looks uniform and tight. Don’t try to get away with using flyers or brochures from previous tradeshows that don’t match the colors of your banners.

Save Tip #2

Waiting means paying. If you think you can wait until the last minute to get your marketing supplies together without having to pay for it in one way or another, you’re wrong! Rush print jobs typically cost more and even if you’re not paying more for preparation, you’ll be spending valuable last minutes before the tradeshow trying to get things together. Remember, time is money!

Splurge Tip #2

Plan well in advance. This may be more of a splurge of time than money, but it will be worth it in the end. Having everything ready to go and looking great before the trade show begins will help you appear more confident.

Save Tip #3

Don’t underestimate your presence. This is more than just someone with a company polo sitting at the booth. Your presence is the colors, designs, logos, slogans, marketing material…and that polo too! Do not make the mistake that you can simply go with leftovers from last year and get away with it.

Splurge Tip

It’s your time to shine! Market research has shown that 85% of decision makers say that attending trade shows saves their companies time and money and 91% say trade shows impact their buying decisions. If there is a time to spend some dough to make sure you stand out, now is the time!

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Many businesses who frequently have booths at trade shows will say that it pays off to have a designated trade show marketing package that includes items such as brochures, table top signs, info cards, banners, table throws, memorable branding and high quality, durable materials. That’s why so many Printing Solutions customers love our “Trade Show To Go” package. Having an effective way to communicate your passion to the market you are trying to reach can make an enormous difference.

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