How Can a Branding Package Help My Business?

Branding Package

In today’s competitive economy, nothing hurts a business more than weakness or lack of clarity in their brand. But most business owners struggle to really nail down a clear brand identity, instead leaving their business cards, brochures, and social media channels with an inconsistent look.

If this sounds familiar, a branding package from Printing Solutions could be a great step in creating your business’s identity. We sat down with our Director of Marketing Kristyn Dingman to learn how it works.

What is a Branding Package Anyway?

Our branding packages are an easy, effective, and detailed solution for businesses looking to start from scratch or to rebrand their current identity. This is a great step for someone who is looking for a brand new start with a whole new identity — and it all starts with your logo.

We have developed a “Good, Better, Best” model for how these packages are offered. Our “Good” option is our Starter Package, which offers the basics to a strong brand identity along with special print marketing offers to show off your new brand.

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The “Better” option is our Essentials Package, which says it perfectly. It’s a better version of the “Good” option, but with a more detailed timeline and expanded print options. You’ll also get an in-depth brand identity guide to help you implement your brand anywhere.

Lastly, our “Best” option comes in the form of our Pro Package. The perks with this bundle skyrocket, and include digital services like email signatures and social media page creations for your brand identity.

Each package begins with a strategy session, where we’ll sit down with you to learn the ins and outs of what you like about your current brand and what you want to improve on.

“No one knows their company better than the people who make it tick, so it is important that you are closely involved in your brand’s development,” Creative Director Justin Ketchum says.

How Do I Know if I Need a Branding Package?

A company brand is the foundation in which it grows upon — your business’s true North. If you’ve ever wondered whether your brand is pointing you in the right direction, a consultation may be great for you!

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It’s also a great option for new companies looking for a way to distinguish themselves from their competition.

“The number of logo designs in the world to date is staggering,” Justin  says. “To be original and stand out from the crowd is becoming more and more difficult, but that is the precise reason why it is so imperative to build that successful brand.”

How Does it Work?

Building or even re-building a brand is a very labor intensive process. Our team at Printing Solutions can typically develop about two brands per month. One team member will take the lead and serve as the liaison between the team and the client, but a typical brand can have as many as five to seven people working on their project at any given time.

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There are three main steps to a branding package: Foundation, Development, and Refinement. Most of the work is done during the foundation phase, which allows for a fun and easy transition through the development and refinement stages.

“This process has allowed us to significantly cut down on over 60% of the work, not only creating a better product but saving time and money,” Justin says. “I know this sounds too good to be true but the results will tell you that it works!”

“This process has allowed us to significantly cut down on over 60% of the work, not only creating a better product but saving time and money.”

Typically, a company will have their new logo in use within the month. However, there are many factors that go into building a brand, so that will depend entirely on the depth and size of the company.

Wondering how Printing Solutions can help your business find some branding clarity? Complete a brand questionnaire today, or give us a call at 480-596-6300 to get started.

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