2 Printing Success Stories That Are Sure To Inspire

Printing Success Stories

We wouldn’t be the company that we are today without our customers. Printing Solutions is dedicated to making all our customers design and printing dreams come true, and we’re grateful to all the people who’ve stepped through our doors and entrusted us to make their dreams a reality.

Nothing’s as satisfying as seeing our customers eyes light up when they see their final product. But don’t just take our word for it: Here’s a couple of testimonials from two very happy customers.

#1. Dolly from Semi

We did some design work for Dolly from Semi that we’re really proud of. We printed some really unique booklets, magnets, notepads, and stickers for her company that featured eye-catching designs and materials.

Dolly was a walk-in customers looking for solutions to her print marketing ideas: She came to the right place. The day she walked into Printing Solutions was the day that we formed a great new partnership with a great customer and a dedicated printer who would do whatever it took to get her the finished products she wanted.

She was a fun, adventurous, and an energetic customer who meshed well with our core values:

  • We refuse to settle.
  • We invite fun and adventure.
  • We invest in honest relationships.

We loved working with Dolly! And as it turns out, the feeling was mutual:

“They really work with you to ensure you get the best result,” Dolly said. “They are the best printing company I have ever come across. From their great customer service to their professionalism, I was blown away.”

“I have never met a company that cared as much about the end result as I did. Mark my words, I will NEVER go anywhere else for my printing needs. Printing Solutions Arizona is where it’s at! I couldn’t be more thankful to this group for what they provided me with. I am 110% satisfied.”

#2. Denyse from Montezuma Family Dental

Some businesses think that direct mail marketing is a dying tactic. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth: Done right, direct mail marketing can get you tremendous results. It’s a question of evolving with the times: How attractive is your design? How enticing is the call to action? Even your choice of cardstock can make or break a mailer.

One of our customers, Denyse from Montezuma Dental, came in looking to get some postcard mailers done. She was very happy with the results:

We ordered 10,000 EDDM postcards, and they turned out fabulous! They helped me design them, and the quality was even better than I had hoped for.”

Printing Solutions created a 6.5×9, full color postcard with a glossy finish or her mailers. In addition to our handsome postcards, she was thrilled with our level of commitment and service:

“Their prices were much lower than almost all others I researched. Their customer service was also excellent, they got back to me right away every time I had a question or concern. We will be ordering again soon!!”

The success of her mailer has been amazing for their business. If it worked for Montezuma Family Dental, it can work for you.

Interested in finding out more about our direct mail marketing and our other printing services? Give Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300.


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