What’s Trending in the Print World?

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Just like the fashion industry, the print world sees trends come and go. What was popular a few years ago isn’t in style now, and today’s businesses must adjust their print materials accordingly.

Over the past months we’ve observed a few changes in styles among our own clients and colleagues, and we’ve compiled them for you below. Here’s what’s trending in the print world.

Social Events

Lately there are more and more social events that businesses are looking to attend, whether it’s a trade show, conference, or other tabling event. Making sure you are visually prepared and well represented at those events is key.

Large format print marketing materials like signs and retractable banners are a must for setting up a great booth. But to really stick with visitors, you’ll also want to invest in flyers, brochures, and business cards to hand out. Additional freebies like postcards, notepads, or stickers can also make a strong impact with anyone who stops at your booth.

When preparing for a trade show or other social event, it pays to plan ahead.

Print World Planning

A full trade show package from Printing Solutions includes seven different products, all of which take time to design, print, and deliver.

Direct Mail

We’re loving the trend of businesses developing effective direct mail campaigns. With direct mail you’re literally placing your company’s brand directly into customers’ mailboxes and homes. It’s a valuable “in” with your customers that your competitors likely don’t have.

If you’re jumping on the direct mail bandwagon, keep in mind that design is everything. You only get one chance to make a first impression, especially when the medium you’re using is something that most consumers consider “junk mail.” So having something designed so well that it entices customers to open it is important.


At Printing Solutions, we’re here to help through every step of the Direct Mail process, from design and printing to creating a mailing list to sending your mailers out.

Unique Business Cards

Making sure you are visually better than your competition is especially important in the beginning of the year when you can go all out with guns blazing. With a brand-new budget, you can create a lasting impression with your business cards. Many of our clients are using foil stamping and colored-edge business cards as a way to stand out from the crowd.


We have also noticed our clients giving extra attention to the thickness of a business card. Most business cards are printed on a 16pt matte-finish card stock. Lately, however, we have been seeing clients going for a super thick card with a silk laminate finish.

These changes in trending print will not only bring a more effective visual representation of your business, but it will give your company the upper hand and attract the right customers for your business.

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