About CMYK Printing

Everything You Need to Know About CMYK

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In the world of printing, finding the right color is far from an exact science. Each individual ink and printing method gives slightly different results, and matching the colors of a new project with those of a previous one can be difficult. Fortunately. CMYK printing gives very similar results at a high quality. Here’s an inside look at the most popular printing method with everything you need to know about CMYK. Read More

Business Card Upgrades

5 Fun Upgrades to Your Business Cards

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Here at Printing Solutions, we firmly believe that people should be impatient to hand out their business card. Once you start to lose that spark, it’s time to consider upgrading to a look that is more current and eye-catching. We provide the best solutions for our clients, and often, they include one of these 5 business card upgrades. Take a look: Read More

Print World

What’s Trending in the Print World?

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Just like the fashion industry, the print world sees trends come and go. What was popular a few years ago isn’t in style now, and today’s businesses must adjust their print materials accordingly.

Over the past months we’ve observed a few changes in styles among our own clients and colleagues, and we’ve compiled them for you below. Here’s what’s trending in the print world. Read More

Best Colors In Marketing

Best Colors to Use in Marketing Materials

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Whether we realize it or not, the colors used in marketing materials are sending a very big message to their target audience all on their own. There are specific feelings and emotions that certain colors evoke and when the right color is used in the right place, it can play a key role in delivering your message.

Colors serve as a sort of non-verbal communicator. As humans, we tend to subconsciously assign certain traits and characteristics to colors, including their shades and hues. Dark red used at a restaurant, for example, can make an entirely different statement than a lighter red would.

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To understand what messages colors are sending, consider the following color chart, which lists the emotions, characteristics and ideas each color can portray:


Aggressive, Energy, Excitement. It has been pointed out that restaurants use red to not only stimulate appetite, but also to keep people moving along so there is always room for the next customer.


Dependable, Safe, Loyalty. Banks and other financial institutions use blue to help portray a safe and steadfast environment. Blue is also often used in uniform design from military to police to security guards.


Growth, Peace, Health. If you are going for a calming feel for your marketing material, use green. People feel more connected and natural with green logos and branding.


Happiness, Cheer, Sunshine. You can use yellow to convey optimism and positivity. Women tend to like yellow more than men.


Playful, Engergetic, Fun. Often used to promote toys and various forms of entertainment. It has been used to express a beginning, like a sunrise.


Wealth, Sophistication, Royalty. Purple often associates with prosperity and wealth. Many have had success using purple when targeting young women in their teen and pre-teen years.


Youthful, Sweet, Creative. Perfect color choice when promoting romance or femininity. Used for candy and sweets.


Power, Mystery, Authority. While black is a very powerful color that conveys intelligence and sophistication, it also evokes emotions of death and grieving.


Clean, Pure, Safety. Perfect to use for anything health related or with baby products. White can give a feeling of balance and it’s use will convey neutrality.

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When it comes to choosing the right color for your marketing material, it really boils down to what message you are hoping to get across. Do not make the mistake of underestimating your color choices. Carefully consider what it is you want to convey immediately with your marketing material. Remember that color is sending a message whether you want it to or not.

For more questions about color use in marketing material, call Printing Solutions at 480-596-6300.

Perfect Brochure

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Brochure

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When it comes to creating the perfect brochure, there are few Scottsdale print companies that know how to do it better than us. We’ve designed more than enough brochures to know what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s what we’ve learned: emotions matter! Your brochure should be intriguing, informative and leave people wanting more. If your brochure can do those three things, then it’s golden.

To create the perfect brochure, you’ll want to concentrate on each specific panel individually

Panel 1 (Front)

Panel 1 is the first thing that customers will notice. It is the most important part of your brochure. Design something so great that it makes people want to open it, such as coming up with a catchy question, using colorful graphics or a combination of the two. Also, don’t forget to include your logo!

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The Guts

The inside of the brochure is the “heart” of your brochure, literally and figuratively. This is where a potential client is going to get to know who you are/what you do/why they need to work with you. A word of advice: don’t list all of your prices! At this point, this person is still a cold lead. They have no reason to spend money on your product or service yet. The purpose of the brochure is to reel them in and gain their interest.

The Back

The back may be the most overlooked part of a brochure but it’s more important than you might think. This is where a customer looks for information on how to contact you…so don’t skimp and leave it blank! Be sure to list the all the pertinent information as well as one last reason why a customer simply can’t live without your goods or services.

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For help creating the perfect brochure, give Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300. When it comes to printing for business, no one beats Printing Solutions!

Print Company

Why Your Web Designer and Print Company Need to Communicate

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Web designers and print companies go together like cookies and milk, great on their own but amazing together. There’s no denying that they’re a winning combination, especially when it comes to creating your brand.

In order to have a consistent brand and message, your web designer and print company need to communicate with one another. Each is responsible for maintaining your brand, but in different ways.

Your website designer breaths life into your brand from the Interwebs, while the print company spouts that same message, but in physical form.

Although entirely separate from one another, their work should share some similarities in order to create a brand that’s recognizable no matter what form it’s in.

Consistent brand communication, from your logo to your website and printed marketing material is an absolute must.  At the very least, your website design and printed marketing materials should match in the following ways:

1. Color – Brand color is key to ensuring your brand integrity stays true. To that end, your colors need to match across the board.

2. Font –  Your font says a lot about you. Making sure it reads the same from website to printing keeps your message clear and uniform.

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3. Overall feel – Apart from color and font, your website and printed marketing materials should have the same overall feel. A customer shouldn’t get mixed messages when comparing a company’s website to their marketing materials or vice-versa. Your web designer and print company need to come up with a look that captures the brand and is consistent in style.

Here at Printing Solutions, we’re not only experts at printing, we’re experts at crafting a brand. We can design materials that boost the image of your business, marking you as the go-to leader in your industry.

For all of your Scottsdale printing needs, from business cards to trade show displays and more, contact us at 480-596-6300.


What’s In A Brochure?

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Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need a brochure. You have a website, isn’t that enough? While your website is an essential part of your marketing strategy, it’s only effective if you know a prospect or client has looked at it. A brochure allows you to essentially take the information on your website and put it directly into your prospect’s hand.

A custom designed brochure takes the best of what your company has to offer and showcases it in a way that is consistent with your branding and messaging. It is a long-lasting reflection of your business that a prospect can hang on to and refer to over time. At Printing Solutions, we specialize in creating brochures designed to tie in with your branding and incorporating eye catching graphics. We are experienced in placing your company information and photos in brochure designs that maximize impact and highlight your important information.

Consider your company website and all of the information it contains.
Does it explain why your business is unique? Does it include testimonials, your mission statement, an explanation of your services? Are there photos of staff, products or services that bring your business to life? All of these vital marketing components can be incorporated into a vibrant color brochure. Whether you place it in the hands of people you meet, or target certain demographic or geographic markets with a mailed brochure, you can ensure that your company is being seen and your information can be kept on hand for easy access.

Printing Solutions has talented designers on staff, ready to assist you with a design that will bring the impact of your website directly to your target market. Our high quality printing and paper can be enhanced with new silk lamination technology to ensure that your brochures retain their polished look over time, and our direct mail service is an affordable way to distribute your brochures to target markets. Don’t wait for people to find you – put your information into their hands with a brochure today.