Why Your Web Designer and Print Company Need to Communicate

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Web designers and print companies go together like cookies and milk, great on their own but amazing together. There’s no denying that they’re a winning combination, especially when it comes to creating your brand.

In order to have a consistent brand and message, your web designer and print company need to communicate with one another. Each is responsible for maintaining your brand, but in different ways.

Your website designer breaths life into your brand from the Interwebs, while the print company spouts that same message, but in physical form.

Although entirely separate from one another, their work should share some similarities in order to create a brand that’s recognizable no matter what form it’s in.

Consistent brand communication, from your logo to your website and printed marketing material is an absolute must.  At the very least, your website design and printed marketing materials should match in the following ways:

1. Color – Brand color is key to ensuring your brand integrity stays true. To that end, your colors need to match across the board.

2. Font –  Your font says a lot about you. Making sure it reads the same from website to printing keeps your message clear and uniform.

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3. Overall feel – Apart from color and font, your website and printed marketing materials should have the same overall feel. A customer shouldn’t get mixed messages when comparing a company’s website to their marketing materials or vice-versa. Your web designer and print company need to come up with a look that captures the brand and is consistent in style.

Here at Printing Solutions, we’re not only experts at printing, we’re experts at crafting a brand. We can design materials that boost the image of your business, marking you as the go-to leader in your industry.

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