What’s In A Brochure?


Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need a brochure. You have a website, isn’t that enough? While your website is an essential part of your marketing strategy, it’s only effective if you know a prospect or client has looked at it. A brochure allows you to essentially take the information on your website and put it directly into your prospect’s hand.

A custom designed brochure takes the best of what your company has to offer and showcases it in a way that is consistent with your branding and messaging. It is a long-lasting reflection of your business that a prospect can hang on to and refer to over time. At Printing Solutions, we specialize in creating brochures designed to tie in with your branding and incorporating eye catching graphics. We are experienced in placing your company information and photos in brochure designs that maximize impact and highlight your important information.

Consider your company website and all of the information it contains.
Does it explain why your business is unique? Does it include testimonials, your mission statement, an explanation of your services? Are there photos of staff, products or services that bring your business to life? All of these vital marketing components can be incorporated into a vibrant color brochure. Whether you place it in the hands of people you meet, or target certain demographic or geographic markets with a mailed brochure, you can ensure that your company is being seen and your information can be kept on hand for easy access.

Printing Solutions has talented designers on staff, ready to assist you with a design that will bring the impact of your website directly to your target market. Our high quality printing and paper can be enhanced with new silk lamination technology to ensure that your brochures retain their polished look over time, and our direct mail service is an affordable way to distribute your brochures to target markets. Don’t wait for people to find you – put your information into their hands with a brochure today.

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