5 Fun Upgrades to Your Business Cards

Business Card Upgrades

Here at Printing Solutions, we firmly believe that people should be impatient to hand out their business card. Once you start to lose that spark, it’s time to consider upgrading to a look that is more current and eye-catching. We provide the best solutions for our clients, and often, they include one of these 5 business card upgrades. Take a look:

1. Cotton Cards

cotton cards 5 Fun Upgrades to Your Business CardsOne way to give your business cards some extra oomph is as simple as changing the paper they’re printed on. One of our current favorites is a cotton card. Cotton cards have a very natural and sturdy feel to them. They make a big impression — they’re a very thick 45pt paper with actual cotton fiber pressed in — and they have such a soft and elegant feel.

“This is something really unique and can give your business a high-end presentation just based on the stock,” says Kristyn Dingman, Printing Solutions’ Director of Marketing.

2. Foil Elements

foil cards 5 Fun Upgrades to Your Business CardsIf your business card could use a little pizzazz, then foil might be your answer. Adding a stamp of foil to your cards can not only make a lasting impression, but it can make certain aspects of your card really stand out for that high-end look.

Most people think of the traditional gold and silver when they think of foil, but it is actually very versatile in its array of color, size and overall visual appeal.

“It’s a nice, inexpensive solution for someone who is looking to take that next step in design,” Kristyn says.

3. Embossing or Debossing

embossed cards 5 Fun Upgrades to Your Business CardsEmbossing (or debossing) is a newer trend in print that is a great way to add both visual and tactile interest to your business cards. This technique indents certain areas of the paper so that as you go over the surface of the card with your fingertips, you can feel the imprint of your company’s logo (or other area that is embossed).

Many companies have a Spot UV or specific feel to their cards, but want a new, modern upgrade that will really make their business something to remember. Having a certain part of the card physically pop out or sink in can make a big impact.

“Many clients use this on their logo or another aspect of the card that is important,” Kristyn says. “It’s a great upgrade for someone looking to rise above their competition.”

4. Colored Edges

colored edges 5 Fun Upgrades to Your Business CardsFor a simple and affordable way to make your cards stand out, you might want to consider adding color the edges. Not only does this technique make your entire card look more cohesive and pulled together, it also gives some love to an often-forgotten area of the card.

“We love seeing clients take their main logo colors and add that sleek edge to their cards,” Kristyn says. “This works best with thicker cards.”

5. Unusual Sizes & Shapes

5 Fun Upgrades to Your Business CardsNot only do you want your business cards stand out, but it’s important to do it in a smart way. A new trend is changing the size from your standard 3×2.5 business card and making it into a circle or square card.

“It looks unique and is a great solution for someone looking to change a small part of their card without changing the entire feel or brand,” Kristyn says.

We can also make custom die-cut business cards for your business. If you want your business card to be a unique shape — like the gift box shape above — then we can do that too.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your business cards, there are a few things to consider first.

1. Do you have the right budget?

While the options above are each great for different businesses, they may not all be the best solution for your budget. Some business card upgrades are only a few dollars, while others may be double or triple that price. Many of the upgrades range anywhere from $30.00 – $200.00, but your final cost depends on which upgrade you want to go with. There are so many different combinations you can do that will fluctuate the price.

2. What’s your deadline?

We love creating new and improved cards for an event or conference a client plans to attend, but things get difficult when they need the upgraded cards in only a couple of days. Many of the business card upgrades above require extensive time for cutting, gluing, drying, and quality assurance checkpoints. For your new cards to look flawless, most of our upgrades simply can’t be rushed.

Here at Printing Solutions, many people want to know how we can improve their cards. We can suggest certain business card upgrades based on a client’s budget and deadline, but to really provide the best solution for your business, it’s best to meet with the Printing Solutions team. Come by our offices, or give us a call at 480-596-6300 to set up a meeting.

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