Before and After the Creative Process: See the Life Cycle of a Branding Project

Before and After the Creative Process: See the Life Cycle of a Branding Project

Here at Printing Solutions, we love helping businesses refine and share their brand through print. Our branding package is a popular choice among business owners who are looking for a little guidance in how to put their company out there and want us to work our magic.

A banding package can be a major undertaking and last for a few weeks, but in the end, our clients invariably decide it was all worth it. Here’s the life cycle of a branding package.

Each project is unique, and its timeline depends on the client and what you are looking for. We offer a good, better, best model for design when it comes to projects like this:

  • Starter Package offers the basics to a strong brand identity
  • Essentials Package comes with a more detailed timeline and expanded print options
  • Pro Package includes digital services like email signatures and social media page creations

Strategy Session

All of our branding projects begin with a strategy session, where we sit down with you to learn the ins and outs of what you like about your current brand and what you want to improve on. During these meetings we make sure we get as much input as we can from the team. Our Creative Director, Justin Ketchum, is involved in every branding project that comes through our doors. We also have Chris Danner, our graphic designer as a second hand in these projects. And lastly, a project manager facilitates pricing and is the main contact for you.

Before and After the Creative Process: See the Life Cycle of a Branding Project

Foundation, Development & Refinement

“One team member will take the lead and serve as the liaison between the team and the client, but a typical brand can have as many as five to seven people working on their project at any given time,” Justin says.

After the strategy session, we jump into the three main steps to a branding package: Foundation, Development, and Refinement. Most of the work is done during the foundation phase, which allows for a fun and easy transition through the development and refinement stages.

The revisions depend entirely on the client. As long as you are OK with the time being spent, revisions can happen as often as you would like — our job is to provide the best possible solutions for our clients, so we want you to be involved in this process as much as possible.

“Typically, a company will have their new logo in use within the month,” Justin says.

get involved

Once a project is completed, we still have follow-up calls and meetings with you. We learn something new with every project, and we use these learning experiences as tools to better improve our system, as well as the experience for the next project.

If your brand is in need of a reboot, we would love to help. Give us a call at 480-596-6300 to get started.

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