Ted Talks

Our 3 Favorite TED Talks You Must See

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TED Talks are a big part of the Printing Solutions culture. They’re a great way to educate ourselves on specific topics without added bias, opinions, or unnecessary influence.

We go to TED talks for inspiration, education, and as an entertainment resource. Every so often, someone on the team will find a useful TED talk and share it with the entire team. Read More

blue pencils

10 Things You Never Knew About the Color BLUE

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Here at Printing Solutions, we’re big fans of color. Each carries its own special meaning and can be a tool to influence an audience just by how it’s used in your branding materials. But one color we’re particularly fond of is blue … in case you couldn’t tell from our own brand! As it turns out, there’s a lot more to blue than meets the eye. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the color blue. Read More

Graphic Designer

In the Shoes of a Graphic Designer

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At Printing Solutions, our clients come to us because we’re very good at what we do. We posses a skill and craft that requires many years of practice and training, especially for a designer like Justin Ketchum and Chris Danner. These two men work tirelessly to produce some amazing work for our clients, and we couldn’t be happier to have them on our team. Read More

Promote Upcoming Event

How Should I Promote My Upcoming Event?

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It’s always a treat when we get to help clients plan and promote upcoming event. Here at Printing Solutions we love being able to help people visualize a beautiful table or booth that brings great engagement and continued profit. We always want to make sure we are giving our clients the type of exposure they are looking for at an event. Read More

Print World

What’s Trending in the Print World?

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Just like the fashion industry, the print world sees trends come and go. What was popular a few years ago isn’t in style now, and today’s businesses must adjust their print materials accordingly.

Over the past months we’ve observed a few changes in styles among our own clients and colleagues, and we’ve compiled them for you below. Here’s what’s trending in the print world. Read More

Why Graphic Design

Why Graphic Design is Vital for Your Business

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Why Is Good Graphic Design Important?

Having a strong graphic design for your ad or logo can either make or break your business.

But if you are trying to just throw something together quick and cheap, you are going to end up wasting not only your time, but also your valuable marketing dollars. Poor design can lead to an unclear message or brand representation. In the end, it can result in a false image of your business to your designed audience.

If you’re thinking of adjusting your company’s graphic design, here are some things to consider before you jump in. Read More

Favorite Business Cards

Our 3 Favorite Business Cards from 2015

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At Printing Solutions, each client we work with is a special experience. Our clients are of all different walks of life, from barbers to bloggers to body sculptors, and each project brings its own rewarding journey. But each year, some projects rise above as shining examples of our best work. Our favorite business cards from 2015 are no exception.

We sat down with Printing Solutions’ Creative Director Justin Ketchum and Graphic Designer Chris Danner to get the lowdown on the top cards of the year.

Read More

Graphic Designer Can Help

How a Graphic Designer can Help Keep Your Print Materials Fresh

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“A truly passionate graphic designer will always strive to push outside of their comfort zone, to grow and learn constantly. Designers are driven by curiosity, which they use to constantly adapt to the ever-changing trends and challenges that spring up in the creative industry. You can almost always find a designer creating, reading, or discussing their work amongst their peers. For us, it’s a way of life and a way of seeing. I believe that is most important quality in a designer or any creative. If you have the passion, you will find a way to be successful with it.”
– Chris Danner, Graphic Designer at Printing Solutions
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