Why Graphic Design is Vital for Your Business

Why Graphic Design

Why Is Good Graphic Design Important?

Having a strong graphic design for your ad or logo can either make or break your business.

But if you are trying to just throw something together quick and cheap, you are going to end up wasting not only your time, but also your valuable marketing dollars. Poor design can lead to an unclear message or brand representation. In the end, it can result in a false image of your business to your designed audience.

If you’re thinking of adjusting your company’s graphic design, here are some things to consider before you jump in.

1. It Makes a Good First Impression.

We all know the importance of a first impression in our personal appearance — it takes approximately one-tenth of a second for an interviewer to form a first impression of a job candidate — but did you know that the same goes for your printed materials?

Handing someone a business card with an outstanding design is the print equivalent of showing up to a job interview in a shirt and shoes that have been ironed and polished. Giving them a card with a design that is lackluster or nonexistent is like forgetting to put on deodorant.

“You only get one first impression — it never comes around twice,” says Kristyn Lechwar, Printing Solutions’ Director of Marketing. “And customers naturally tend to gravitate toward an attractive company, brand, and product.”

So having good graphic design will not only give your audience a clear image of who you are, but it will leave a lasting impression with them. Next time they are ready to buy, they know exactly who they are going to buy from.

2. It Creates Brand Recognition.

What do brands like Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola have in common? They all have a clean, strong design that is instantly recognizable.

Even if you never plan to be the next Google, it is still essential for your business to have strong visual reference. Being able to instantly distinguish a company based on their logo or the way their website may look is a win. Having your audience know who you are without having to think twice about it comes from great graphic design efforts.

Brand recognition starts with your logo. You may choose to use only text, like Google, or you may decide that using a symbol that correlates with your company name, like Apple, is the better choice for you. You’ll want to include colors that convey your brand message, and you’ll need a font that fits your company’s personality.

We strongly suggest hiring a professional to design your logo and marketing materials. Our designers are not only very talented, but they also are experts at identifying exactly what each business needs to succeed.

3. It Makes Communication Easier.

Think of the last time you met someone new. Perhaps it was at a conference or networking event, or perhaps it was someone who walked through your company’s door. Likely you talked for a few moments and then decided to exchange contact information.

If you had an attractive business card, you reached for it proudly and handed it over with a little added glow.

If you had a business card with a design that left something to be desired, your glow fizzled out when you handed it over. You may even have pulled out your cell phone and entered the person into your address book like an awkward eighth grader.

When it comes to effective communication, it all starts with a strong foundation of graphic design.

In a nutshell, you are giving a formal presentation to your audience. To grab and hold their attention, you need an attractive, cohesive design. Attractive visuals convey information better, especially when it is something tangible like a business card.

How Do I Start?

At Printing Solutions, we begin the design process by identifying a customer’s pain points. Where are you seeing a gap? Where are you struggling? What’s does your competition look like? Who do you look up to in the industry? Once we can figure out the problems, we find a solution that will work best for your business.

Most companies initially design on their own or purchase a logo template. Creating something simple and cost effective is simply a placeholder and can temporarily work for your company. But again, this should be temporary and not a permanent solution for your company. Graphic design falls into the notion that “you pay for what you get.” We give you thought-out design work.

“We make sure to take our time in producing some of the best work out there,” Kristyn says. “It is all about winning over your competition. We not only give you a strong finish, but we make sure to take the time and understand each of our customers needs and give them what they need to be successful.”

We always enjoy working with customers who need a transformation in their logo and brand. When we meet with a client who is either frustrated or believes an upgrade is in order, we like to step in. We make sure to go through an entire evaluation of the client’s wants and needs before we suggest anything.

“Once we get a feel for the client and their end goal, we can begin to break down the design and rebuild it,” Kristyn says. “It’s a fun and easy process for our clients to go through.”

Looking for an upgrade in your printed materials? Printing Solutions is happy to help. Call 480-596-6300 to meet with one of our experienced designers now.

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