3 Strategies to Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

If you know the first thing about running a business, you know that you don’t have one if you don’t have clients and customers. Bringing in new customers comes fairly easy if you have a good sales team, but when it comes to keeping the ones you already have, that’s when it starts to get tricky. Clients are more likely to stay with companies that have invested in them personally and taken the time to establish a relationship.

But how do you build a relationship with someone who comes into your business only once or twice each year? We’ve listed our best three strategies for building lasting customer relationships below.

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1. Understand Your Client’s Needs.

Over the years, we’ve found that the best relationships blossom when we take the time to really understand what it is our client is looking for. More often than not, they want more than just a quality print or design job — they want someone they can count on.

Understanding our client’s means asking deeper questions. It is not just about the project at hand, but also more about asking questions that reflect our core values. Are we working within their budget? Are we taking the proper steps to ensure that their creative vision is met? Are we adhering to the timeline agreed upon? Are we carefully listening to our client when they give feedback?

One example of this kind of understanding is a client who we have been working with for multiple years. We have been able to rebrand, and give this client exactly what they have been looking for. Everything from their website to mailing services have brought in new leads they never thought was possible, and it’s all through making sure that we fully understand and meet their needs.

2. Be Honest.

At Printing Solutions we’re firm believers in the idea that “Honesty is the best policy” — it’s even one of our core values. So it’s no wonder that we constantly do all that we can to build trust between our clients and ourselves. This means owning the creative process and following through on project deadlines, even when circumstances may be less than ideal.

This drive to establish a strong credibility does more than just ensure client happiness during the project at hand. It increases the chance of that customer returning to us the next time they need print or design work done, and it boosts our chances of bringing in new referral business.

“The better your relationship with your client, the more likely they are to recommend you to new clients,” Kristyn says. “It is all about building strong and authentic relationships.”

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3. Create an Emotional Connection.

At Printing Solutions we not only provide quality work, but we make sure we are fully invested both physically and emotionally into each and every one of our clients. We care deeply about both the people who walk through our door and the product we produce for them. We’ve been known to spend hours and hours reworking a piece to get it just perfect for a client. We wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less.

One of the ways we show this care is by allowing for a strong creative space. We want our clients to feel free to voice their creative vision and our designers to feel free to present new ideas. This collaborative environment is unlike anything our clients have seen before, and it’s one of the things that helps them feel immediately at ease. When we have room to explore and do what we do best, this is when we get the best results for our clients. We aim to help our clients to the best of our abilities, and we do a hell of a job at it.

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