5 Ways To Reinforce Your Company Values

There is always a sense of pride, enthusiasm and relief that comes when a business is able to clearly define their company values. It might appear as an easy task to someone who hasn’t done it before, but it really isn’t, especially if you are hoping to make those values stick. Once you have decided what they are, the next step is implementing and enforcing them so that your business runs accordingly. This can also be a challenge and many businesses are sometimes at how much work is involved in getting employee buy-in and maintaining company values in various decision making processes.

Here are 5 ways to reinforce your company values to ensure they are being conveyed and followed effectively:

First Things First – Lead By Example

Strong leaders often forget just how powerful their own actions can be. If you truly expect your employees to adopt and participate in the company values you have outlined, you must first start by following them yourself. Be sure you are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to use them at work so that the rest of your company knows you are the real deal.

Make Them Well Known

Company values should be made well-known throughout the company by discussing them often, referring to them in meetings, and having them printed on signage and other printed materials throughout the business. Some businesses have signs or large banners printed and hung throughout the office to highlight company values. Others find clever ways of referencing them in brochures and on business cards. Take the steps necessary to ensure your company values are well known.

Point Out Successes

When you’re trying to get your company values to stick in the hearts and minds of your employees, it always helps to take time to praise recent success stories. These stories don’t necessarily need to be huge…even small success stories can get the point across. Be ready and willing to point out how company values were used at all different levels of your business, giving your employees context and further examples.

Does Your Brand and Image Match Your Values?

You company values deserve to have a supporting business brand and image to help them make an impact. If you’re recently made changes to them, be sure to take a look to see if they match your brand and how you portray yourself. It could be that a branding or marketing change is necessary to not only sell your employees, but also the whole world that you take your values seriously.

None of these steps are simple or easy, but they can definitely be worth it if you are serious about implementing a strong core of company values that you expect to last for a long time.

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