Our 3 Favorite TED Talks You Must See

Ted Talks

TED Talks are a big part of the Printing Solutions culture. They’re a great way to educate ourselves on specific topics without added bias, opinions, or unnecessary influence.

We go to TED talks for inspiration, education, and as an entertainment resource. Every so often, someone on the team will find a useful TED talk and share it with the entire team.

TED’s mission is to spread ideas through people who “seek a deeper understanding of the world” and “believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world.” And that’s something that — as a company that helps business influence, market, and attract audiences for our clients — we can really get behind.

So in the interest of spreading ideas and changing the world, we wanted to take a moment to share our team’s 3 favorite TED Talks with you. Which is your favorite?

1. Sasha Strauss: From Branding With Love

This TED Talk is a favorite of our marketing director Kristyn Dingman, who is a big fan of Sasha’s business model. But in this talk, his ability to inspire his audience with clever metaphors and funny sense of humor really shines through. It’s also a great look at the potential that marketing and branding hold. If you’re struggling to find your company’s voice, this TED Talk is a must-watch.

2. Avi Reichental: What’s Next in 3D Printing

This particular TED Talk is a favorite with the entire team here at Printing Solutions. It’s a really cool sneak-peek at new methods of 3D printing, and is a great look into the future of the print industry. Watching this makes us excited for just how amazing 3D printing is … and what it will become.

3. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Our project managers are big fans of this TED Talk from Simon Sinek. It really hits hard on the idea of inspiration, as well as what it takes to lead others at work or at home. If you are in a leadership role or even just looking for the skills to inspire those around you, this is a perfect watch.

Ready to change the world with your ideas? Our team at Printing Solutions would love to join you. Give us a call at 480-596-6300 to let us know where we can help.

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