Looking for the next big thing? Check out these five trends to consider in 2023!


Watch for these design-specific trends in 2023 – Colorful gradient backgrounds, photography with grainy or textured effects, and unique typography with bold details and ligatures. Utilize these trends in your projects to convey modernity and awareness.

Abstract gradient poster and cover design. Features the word gradient.

Woman standing in a field with her eyes clothes and arms outstretched.Retro style embossed alphabet design with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbol














Now more than ever, consumers want brands to show off their unique personalities, hear the voices behind the product, and connect with the company on a personal, emotional level. Don’t be shy – step outside your brand’s comfort zone! Try using bold color combinations, funny slogans, and conversational verbiage. When it comes to marketing, here’s all you need to know: Stories Sell. Use your printed and digital offerings to communicate a detail-oriented story pertaining to your brand and product; showcase emotions and instances where your product or service can make a positive difference in how someone goes about their day. Consumers are overloaded with choice – eliminate confusion with empathetic approaches and convenient solutions. A positive emotional connection is also one of the biggest factors in consumer loyalty, in addition to exceptional customer service.

For inspiration on popular brands that excel at telling stories, look to companies such as AirBnb, GoPro, and Coca-Cola.


Think about how your printed products can amplify your existing successful digital applications – instead of ages past where we thought print first, and digital second. Consider your social media platforms, website, and other digital offerings and what tangibility factors are being missed. How can your digital and physical products work in tandem? To make a lasting impression, make sure the physical offerings you choose are easy to use, reusable or edible, and appropriately applicable to your brand.

An example of this methodology would be a coffee shop that offers a punch-card for repeat customers, that boast various cheeky prompts and a QR code that links to the shop’s Instagram account. Customers would then likely post a photo of their coffee and their unique punch card, resulting in free marketing, sincere social media interaction, and a printed item that the consumer holds on to for a long-term benefit.

A Coffee shop punch card advertising a buy 7 get 1 free program.


Special effects and finishes can help your project go from ordinary to luxury – now more accessible than ever! In the age where so much of our life is digital, lean into the experience of a tangible printed product with paper textures and colors, visual effects such as foil or raised UV, laser-cut detailing, and more! If done well, your product will be remembered as high-quality, unique, and artisan.

A collection of cards with N&R printed on them.


To ensure that your brand stays modern and accessible, it’s important to include sustainable materials and products in your offerings. Additionally, be prepared to answer questions regarding if your processes are rooted in sustainability; the modern consumer wants to know if your company is responsible and aware of both short and long-term impacts. Putting forth an effort towards sustainable practices can help your organization secure lasting partnerships with proactive consumers.

Plastic free set with eco cotton bag, a glass jar, green leaves and recycled tableware top view. Zero waste, eco friendly concept. Flat lay style.


Has your brand already implemented any of these trends, or have plans to try them this year? We’d love to hear from you. Got any 2023 trends to add? Let us know!

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