10 Things You Never Knew About the Color BLUE

blue pencils

Here at Printing Solutions, we’re big fans of color. Each carries its own special meaning and can be a tool to influence an audience just by how it’s used in your branding materials. But one color we’re particularly fond of is blue … in case you couldn’t tell from our own brand! As it turns out, there’s a lot more to blue than meets the eye. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the color blue.

1. The human eye can see 65,536 different colors of blue.

Blue Color Wheel

Need to choose a specific one? The best way is to consult a palette book, which printers and graphic designers rely on for accuracy.

2. Each one has 52 shades.

Blue Shades

Different shades are created by mixing different amounts of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CYMK) inks. The color above is C100 M30 Y0 K0.

3. Blue is the most popular favorite color in the world.

Blue Pencils

In a recent survey, 49% of men and 29% of women said their favorite color was blue.  

4. In color psychology, blue symbolizes trustworthiness and inspires confidence.

Blue Trust Confidence

This is why so many medical professionals wear scrubs in this color.

5. Studies show that the color blue serves as an appetite suppressant.

Blue Berries

Red does the opposite — just think of every fast food chain ever!

6. Printing Solutions’ brand colors weren’t always blue.

Blue Logo

They were originally yellow, but were changed to blue because it has a more soft and playful feel.

7. Chemists recently discovered a new color of blue … by accident.

New Blue

Oregon State University discovered the pigment “YInMn blue” by heating a mixture of manganese oxide and other chemicals to over 2,000° F.

8. Only 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes.

Blue Eyes

Light-colored eyes are produced by recessive genes that cause an absence of pigments in the iris.

9. In ancient times, blue pigments were so rare that they reserved for royalty.

Blue Pigments

This is where the term “royal blue” came from.

10. Blue is a popular color for branding and marketing.

Blue Mailbox

Thanks to the significance it carries, this is the most popular color for direct mail marketing and branding.

Looking for the perfect colors to use in your branding and marketing? Printing Solutions would love to help you find your new color identity. Give us a call at 480-595-6300 to get started.

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