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Direct Mail

2 Printing Success Stories That Are Sure To Inspire

Printing Success Stories

We wouldn’t be the company that we are today without our customers. Printing Solutions is dedicated to making all our customers design and printing dreams come true, and we’re grateful to all the people who’ve stepped through our doors and entrusted us to make their dreams a reality. Nothing’s as satisfying as seeing our customers…

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Why Should My Business Use Direct Mailing Services

Leverage Postcards

There’s no question that direct mailing services have a huge impact on purchasing. Last year, U.S. businesses spent a whopping $46 billion on direct mail marketing services, while 22 percent of people in a survey said they were more likely to purchase products or services based on direct mail than email marketing.

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Love Your Results with EDDM


Think back to when you first opened your business. There you were, new to the neighborhood and more than likely wishing for some way to announce your presence to the world. Wouldn’t it have been fantastic if you had been able to send a postcard to every single person in the neighborhood?

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3 Reasons Why Direct Mailers Aren’t Dead

We sometimes hear the words “old fashioned” when we talk about direct mailers. With the heavy influence of Internet and email marketing, many people believe that advertising and marketing through the mail is a thing of the past. The truth is, they couldn’t be more wrong.

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Direct Mail – Why it’s Making a Comeback in a Big Way

Direct Mail Comeback

When it comes to marketing, we are all looking for the next big trend or the best new strategy to promote our services and products. As it turns out, the next big thing may be something we are all more aware of than we realize. Business analysts and marketing strategists continue to point to the…

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Why Your Print and Internet Marketing Need to be Working Together

Internet Marketing

Choosing and identifying the best marketing tactics for your business can definitely be tricky.  Whether you’re a brand new business or you’ve been around for sometime already, it takes the right message at the right time to get your products or services sold.  At the same time, it’s important to find a solution that is…

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Use Printed Products to Drive More Online Traffic

Printed Products

Who says print and online marketing have to be in competition with one another? At Printing Solutions, a premier Scottsdale printing company,  we see print and online marketing as companions, both working toward one goal: getting you new customers. Our advice to small businesses is to stop viewing print and online marketing as mutually exclusive…

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3 Reasons To Use Direct and or Promotional Mailing

Dimensional Mailers

Everyone loves receiving gifts in the mail, but not everyone loves promotional products. But, what if you could deliver a promotional product that looked and felt like a gift, one that people would actually hold onto? With dimensional mailing, it’s possible! Dimensional mailing is just what it sounds like; it’s a form of direct mail…

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EDDM Printers Can Save You Money


Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a way for businesses to mail to every home or address in a specific area or zip code at a discounted postage rate. The mail piece has to follow specific EDDM USPS formatting guidelines, however when executed properly EDDM can enable small businesses to send targeted, affordable offline…

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