Direct Mail – Why it’s Making a Comeback in a Big Way

Direct Mail Comeback

When it comes to marketing, we are all looking for the next big trend or the best new strategy to promote our services and products. As it turns out, the next big thing may be something we are all more aware of than we realize.

Business analysts and marketing strategists continue to point to the return of direct mail as a major player in getting our message across to the right people at the right time. However, they are quick to point out that success with direct mail will directly relate to its quality and that there is a much higher expectation.

As email marketing and digital messaging hits an all time high, it is creating quite a vacuum in our mailboxes. This is why so many people believe direct mail will continue to make its comeback faster than we might think. It is important to realize, however, that just having a direct mail campaign will not be enough. The audience is much more demanding now. They will be looking for quality pieces, which will quickly weed out the amateurs.

Businesses that will see the most success with direct mail marketing strategies going forward are the ones that have a very good understanding of who their clients and customers are and exactly what it is they want. They will need to understand the difference between personal and personalized. Just throwing the person’s name in somewhere will not cut it. The target zones will be tighter and the lists shorter because smart direct mail strategies will have a great understanding of who they are after.

Successful direct mail pieces will stand out because of their quality design and printing. It will require some investment in time and money to get the look and messaging right. This will not be your father’s direct mail campaign where any ol’ design will work. Today’s direct mail audience is more sophisticated.

Smart businesses have realized that the personal touch of a quality direct mail piece combined with a savvy online presence is winning them customers like never before.

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