Five Design Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Design Trends

A new year gives us all new energy and a boost in our desire to take things to the next level. We find ourselves ready to take on new challenges in an effort to increase business and grow like we never have before.

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Part of that growth involves paying close attention to what is going on around us and watching for the trends that can so easily make 2015 a great year or a not so great year. We hope to draw your attention to 5 specific design trends we see coming for 2015 and hope it helps you as you move forward with your marketing.

1. Getting Tight With Your Customers

Your customers and clients are providing more information to you than they ever have before. It’s time to take what they are telling you and incorporate it in your message. There is a greater expectation that you will to talk to your customers on a personal level more, meaning more direct messages, specific focus on the products they want, and flexibility to offer choices.

2. Move Away From Templates

The jig is up! Everyone can see right through your template these days. In 2015, marketing design will go away from the slightly altered template and into a much more customized feel. This will include colors, typeset, and grid patterns.

3. Typography

Watch for large type to continue to be used and become more popular in 2015. This will go hand in hand with the shift toward full screen background images or videos that is already hotter than ever. Large fonts enable designers to add personality and style, while making bolder, concise statements.

4. Simplicity is King

Simplifying website design to allow a more user-friendly experience is a big reason why keeping things simple will continue to be a trend in 2015. As companies strive to make their websites mobile-friendly, their print design will follow suit. It’s no secret that simplicity is always a good choice, but it will play a bigger role this year than it has in years past.

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5. Flat Design

There is still some debate about who gets credit for the trend of “flat design.” While some say Apple’s iOS 7 really pushed the idea along, others argue that Microsoft had already made a step in the direction long before. Regardless of who wins that debate, flat design is here to stay. Look for the disappearance of shadow, beveled edges, and gradients in 2015.

Of course design trends do change quickly these days and it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. These are 5 design trends that we think will be around through the end of 2015 and beyond. They are also the design trends we can help you put to work for you when you are ready. Call Printing Solutions at 480-596-6300 to learn more about how we can help you design marketing material that is consistent for 2015.

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