Top 7 Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter you Must Know


Twitter has become a major source of new potential online business as it gives your company the opportunity to interact with consumers directly. When attempting to generate leads on Twitter, your tweets must differentiate from the norm. With a few small tweaks, you can transform your tweets into leads. It is simply a matter of knowing what the tweaks are and how to implement them.

One: Keep Hashtags to a Minimum

Hashtags are excellent when accessing conversation for a specific topic. However, this will often distract the potential user for clicking on the link. Therefore, keep them to a minimum so the audience can remain focused.

Two: Measure Performance on Each Tweet

Like with all other marketing campaigns, it is critical to measure performance. The best data to review are engagement rates, cost per engagement and clicks to measure the success of your tweets.

Three: Quickly Follow-up on Leads

One of the most important tips is to always follow-up on leads quickly. If you let the lead sit for too long, they will go somewhere else for the products and services they need.

Four: Segment the Audience when Creating Twitter Advertisements

When creating advertisements, segment your audience with relevant content to keywords, geography, gender and their interests. This specific targets potential leads and increases their interest.

Five: Space out the Link and Image

When using an image in a tweet, do not place it immediately after the link as it will become masked. Instead, leave spaces between the image and link so each can be viewed separately.

Six: Supplement Organic Reach with Paid Tweets

It is always a best practice to implement a balance of paid and organic tweets. The balance can be determined when you evaluate your goals. Use the paid tweets to supplement your organic reach.

Seven: Treat Lead Generating Tweets Differently

The best lead generating tweets have several characteristics in common including, they are short, clear, provide one link and deliver interesting copy. Try not to use hashtags, mentions or post multiple links as the audience will lose interest.

Twitter has become another source of lead generation for many companies across the globe. By considering these seven tips when posting tweets about your product or service, you will have much more success than the competition.


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