Why Your Print and Internet Marketing Need to be Working Together

Internet Marketing

Choosing and identifying the best marketing tactics for your business can definitely be tricky.  Whether you’re a brand new business or you’ve been around for sometime already, it takes the right message at the right time to get your products or services sold.  At the same time, it’s important to find a solution that is both effective and within budget.

One common mistake made by businesses both young and old, is to focus too much on one particular type of marketing without considering other options.  It can be very easy to stick with your traditional marketing tools while turning a blind eye to new tactics.  On the other hand, new businesses may not realize the value of more traditional strategies, choosing to stick exclusively with new technology.

This dilemma has never been more prevalent than when it comes to print and internet marketing.  Believe it or not, there are still some businesses out there that haven’t taken full advantage of marketing through the internet.  They may dabble with it, but they have yet to realize internet marketing’s true potential.  There are also businesses who have lost faith or interest in print marketing, instead putting all of their eggs into the internet marketing basket.

We’re here to tell you that this is a mistake.  There are some very important and crucial reasons why your print and internet marketing need to be working together.

1. Branding

There’s no way to overestimate brand recognition.  Not only does recognizing a brand play a psychological role in the customer’s decision-making process, but it also gives a more uniformed and professional look to your business.  When you have a consistent presence in both print and online, you give your company a stronger, deeper feel.  If your potential clients or customers are only able to see your brand online, you may be missing out on the true benefits of branding.

2. Double Punch

Not everyone is going to hold onto every piece of mail that comes into his or her office, no matter how well designed it is or what the special offer may be.  Similarly, every business has potential customers who may never once visit their website or read an email.  However, a printed mailer might be just memorable enough so that when your customer happens to see a PPC ad soon after, the combined effort turns into a sale.  When print marketing and online advertising compliment each other, the results can be very profitable.

3. Reach

Some businesses are simply losing out on potential growth and sales because they aren’t considering what their reach is.  They might overlook important internet marketing tools such as social media because they don’t believe people who would buy their product or service use social media.  Others refuse to send out mailers thinking they’ll all end up in the trash.  We’re not suggesting that every social media add or mailer will be 100% successful, but you could be missing out by not having them work together.

When it comes to finding the right marketing tools for your business, be sure to talk with the experts at Printing Solutions.  Let’s discuss options that will work for you.

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