Metal Business Cards? 2015 Print Trends You Must Know

Metal Business Cards

Business cards are one of the best ways to make a great first impression in any new meeting or relationship. The graphic design and business print industries have made notice of emerging technologies and new trends that are sure to be statement makers in 2015, our favorite of which is the metal business card.

The technology and ability to create metal cards has existed for some time now, but never with the precision and scope of design capabilities as we have now. Consider it a high-definition etching of your business image on a sleek, sophisticated sheet of stainless steel. It is the perfect combination of structure and functionality. Now think about handing that to your potential clients or partners, as opposed to the traditional paper and ink version of the past.

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About Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are available in variety of finishes and colors. If you like the bold look of black steel with silver-gray etching, we can give you that look. If you want the class and style of gold, silver or copper, we can deliver those options as well. You can also choose from different thicknesses and etching styles, and can request custom cutouts and shapes, too.

These state of the art metal business cards are just one more way that Printing Solutions can help you impress your contacts, surpass your competition and stay relevant and modern with your business branding and design. We also offer a variety of services including logo and branding development, marketing materials, and other vital business design and printing services.

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Want Metal Business Cards?

Start with metal business cards in 2015 and know that the possibilities are endless. Our talented team of graphic designers will ensure that you have the text, image, color and texture you need to deliver your brand identity with the finest design and highest quality product possible.

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